Thursday, February 16, 2017

This Winter

I've abandoned this old blog, but glad now to have a little time to attend to and refresh with a little share.

  I hope you and yours have had a good fresh start in the new year.  This winter has been quite interesting, especially in that we've had more snow storms and wintery type weather than the norm here in Oregon.  It's been a winter with no major snow or ice problems.  Just a few good old fashion snowy weather days.

Not a ton, which was nice and always great to open
up the blinds and watch it fall.  A sense of soothing calm comes with it.

The best of the snowy day was the day we got nearly a foot, just perfect.  It's stuck around for a couple days, then melted away.

Most other days, liquid sunshine.  It's Oregon.

While I was away, a friend and I had decided to try and open a little junk store.  We decided before Christmas that we would start just after the new year.  It's been quite the month and half since we started and I can't believe that we're through the middle of February, Valentine's Day 2017 is in the history books, wow does time fly.  We've open, but haven't decided on a grand opening date.

Here are couple pics of what we've got going on...

So far, it's just us and we're planning on renting space, take on consignments, list items for peeps online, and who knows what else.  Part of the plan is to have an open-air market in the spring and summer as there's a perfect lot with plenty of parking.  Maybe some live music and barbeque!

I won't share the outside yet as I'll save those pics for the grand opening.

Pickin' this winter has been a bit slow as I've not had a lot of time with the new store, but I did managed to get out to a couple haunts.  Even got out with my fave pickin' pal Leslie and her daughter Tay (you've might have seen her in my side bar Operation Taylor link) and Tay's beau, Nathan. 

In my hunt for vintage finds, I was blessed with two of my favorite collectibles, both of which I'll share with you. 

While at an estate sale, my pal L comes up to me, say's "I found this in the closet" and was holding one of two of my faved collectibles, a Barbie!  Here she is poised in her new original American Airlines Stewardess ensemble..

Poor Barbie was left on top of a closet shelf and the only thing she had on her was that lovely vintage Barbie look on her face and a one dollar price sticker.  Ain't she purrrdy?!

Another, was this killer vintage Tyco Pro Electric Race Set...

Used gently and with a little cleaning, it'll look good as new!

Yup, been a slow winter for pickin', but a good start to the new year. 

That's all I got, but I'd love to hear what you've been up to this winter, so drop me a line.  In the meantime, I hope to get back here on a regular basis with new pics of the new brick n mortar store and to feature more of my favorite vintage goods from some of my fave vintage purveyors.

  I hope the new year has started off great for you all and that you are healthy, happy, and well.