Wednesday, September 17, 2014

A Smile And A Glance

I often think about this when I'm out in public and for whatever reason took special note to it yesterday while out shopping.  I began to count how many people would acknowledge a smile from me and return the gesture.  I wasn't surprised to see that only about half the people I walked by actually looked at me and smiled.

If you saw me on the street,
would you turn to look away?
Or could you look into my eyes,
as if something to say.

Know that I would look right back,
and take this with a chance.
That I just may steal from you,
a smile and a glance.

If at first I don't succeed,
I'd give another try.
In hopes that you would look at me
before you passed on by.

I hope that I could get a smile,
have you look me in the eye.
Not so much as say a word,
but just to keep in mind...

This moment as you'll see,
my day you might enhance.
If you were to lend to me,
A smile and a glance.