Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Beyond The Realm

To describe that feeling beyond the realm of love
Of which forever in your soul remains
Is not one single word I can think that does
That only one's heart can purely contain

Every minute of every day be consumed the thought
To ly in bed at night and feel the pulse race
Memories are stored and never forgot
Awake with that smile upon ones face

Reminders that bear the power thereof
A song, a word, or photograph
Constant, never depleted from thought
Someone's gesture, action, smile, or laugh

Peace is something beyond love one might say
I believe it more defined, perhaps more complex
A feeling so intense it will keep your heart at bay
Near lifeless or barren until that moment of next

Beyond the realm of  love
Is every thought, emotion, breath
The tingling sensation that it's made of
So enduring that it could accompany in death.


Monday, September 20, 2010

I WAS........ BATMAN!

Here I'd like to share with you some dramatic clips from my one and only season as the caped crusader....

Hanging from the BatCopter, a great white was relentless in his pursuit of snatchin' my cape. Was my last Batslap Smackdown.

NIGGI SHARK EATS BATMAN Pictures, Images and Photos

In this shot I'm runnin like hell to return the Carl's Jr "Happy Star" before anyone noticed, I believe I was successful. This was a period in which I turned to a life of crime and just before my "batbuddy" big screen film debut.

Super Batman Pictures, Images and Photos

Here I have to admit that I was just too sexy for my cape. Check the bathip swivel, can't touch this!

batman Pictures, Images and Photos

After nearly a 2 year separation from Robin and with a "Battered" career, I decided on the advise of a very very very (bat wink) close friend to give the "Big Screen" a shot, Holy Bat tights!, need I say more?

Back To The Bat Cave......

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Commenting On Blog Posts

Hi All,

I've been experiencing a situation whereas I am not able to post comments to some of your blog posts and thought I'd pass along some info that might be effecting some of you.   Not everyone is affected by this as some of your blogs are set up in a fashion that allows for posting comments.  Some of you may have noticed that you've not received comments in quite some time.   I was affected when Blogspot made some recent changes to incorporated new design features.  If by chance you have been affected, you may try the following to remedy the situation.  You can fix by doing the following:

1. Go into your "Dashboard" and find the "Settings" Tab, click on it.
2. Next find your "comments" tab, click on it.
3. Find your "comment form placement" field.
4. Make sure the "pop up window" option is checked/marked.
5. Scroll down to bottom of page and make sure to select "save settings" which should correct the problem.

When someone visits your blog and wants to leave a comment to your post or posts, it will open a "pop up window" that will allow them to comment effectively.

Most of you have a comment field at the bottom of your posts, however it does not give the option of commenting using your Google ID, Anonymous, or other ID options, nor does it give the "word verification" codes that must be used to enter a comment.

I hope this is not too confusing and that it helps any of you that may be experiencing the same.

Good Luck and Happy Blogging!!

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Oregon's Coast

Clear Skies Give Way to Clouds

Gray Clouds Cover The Ceiling

The Rain Is Coming

She's a beauty all her own
Gray sand shores stretched miles
Treasures from the sea amidst green foam

Morning fog covers her beaches
Combers walk in a misty cloak
Seeking a treasure within arms reach
Hear the faint horn of the fishermens boat

She shares a day or hour
Of windless sunshine
Only to remind she is alive with element
Fog gives way to blackened clouds
That touch the horizon

Downpour of rain soaks her gray sands
The surf intensifies pounding the shoreline
Birds and gulls seek refuge inland
She allows it to last but for a short time

A storm she has sent although be it brief
Has cleansed the coastline
Gives way to the sun and it's warm relief

So do give her time
And she'll show you she can
Change without notice...

But on her demand


After the storm passed the sky was graced with weeping clouds like the one below.  
It was truly beautiful to see and enjoy.

The morning suns light sabers pierce through the woods

Playing in the surf