Monday, July 25, 2016

Rhinestone Rapture

One of my fave categories when it comes to vintage is jewelry.  From elegant statement pieces to the simple, vintage jewelry lends an allure that reflects that of old Hollywood, an elegance that has stayed generations and still remains a popular collectible for many.

This week I'd like to introduce you to an Etsy friend and jewelry shop owner who's works bring back to life these pieces from years gone by. 

a jewelry artisan, and owner of the Etsy shop

"I'm a vintage jewelry collector that loves to turn unworn vintage items into everyday statement jewelry. I use authentic vintage jewelry and everything is custom and handmade by myself. Quality vintage is always timeless, don't settle for imitation or reproduction."

Here I've an assemblage of some of my favorite of Jackie's creations that I'm excited to share.

Choker or Bib styled, this piece add elegance to your summer outfit.  It's lovely styling transcends the ages and is adjustable.  Beautiful pink pearl and copper, it's sure to be a hit.

"For The Love Of Monet"

Reminiscent of the lovely turquoise blue waters of the Bahama's, these pieces offer a subtle but scintillating effect.  Monet has always been a favorite and this set is a "Must Have" for the collector.

Here is another example of Jackie's wonderful creative works in this

Gorgeous purple rhinestones adorned and gold toned stretch-fit wrist band make this a great fit for most anyone.  A wonderful and artistically crafted piece to add to your vintage jewelry collection.

Jackie also creates pieces to accent and add eclectic elegance to your wedding day ensemble.  Here, this pair of

These vintage chandelier earrings are made of vintage pearls, rondelles, and vintage chain.  Together they create a striking and fun earring.  Perfect for the beautiful bride.

The color Amber is associated with Love, Protection, Power, Luck, and Healing.  This marvelous piece radiates all of the aforementioned.

Lovely and Romantic, no vintage jewelry collection is complete without the inclusion of a

Handcrafted with faux pearls, rhinestones, and one that would make
a perfect gift for yourself or that reflects your love for that special person.  This piece transcends the timeless quality of the vintage rhinestone.

I hope you'll stop by


to see more of Jackie's wonderful creative works

Sunday, July 3, 2016

Eclectic Elegance

Browsing through Etsy the other night, I happened upon a shop who's photographs immediately captured my attention.  Professional, pristine, and ever so appealing, the images led me to look further into the...   

As I browsed, I found a lovely assemblage of vintagicities that are presented in a wonderfully elegant, yet simplistic fashion that lent to me an allure that I had to view each and every one.

the purveyor of this lovely shop has graciously accepted my invite to feature some of her superbly photographed vintage treasures and some I hope you'll enjoy.

I've always been a huge fan of mirrors.  This gorgeously

presented here in a simplistic fashion that draws all of the attention.  The mirror tilts, swivels 360 degrees, and framed in gold gilded metal and pronounced base. 

For the hat box or sewing basket collector, this beautiful

invites you to take a peek inside.  Soft in color, a lovely bouquet of Rose's tampo and cord handles atop the lid.  A wonderful basket to add to your vintage collection.  Click the link above to learn more.

One of my personal favorites is this adorable vintage

This cute little gem is 2" in diameter and 3" tall.  Teddy Bears on Galloping Horses adorn this lovely little carousel coin bank that I believe would make a great addition to any coin bank collection.

When you browse Kari's shop, you'll also find several pieces of vintage glassware.  Some colored pieces like this fiery

by Fenton's Olde Virginia Glass line in a beautiful "Diamond Cut" design.  It stands 3" tall  by 7.75" in diameter.

It's gorgeous color "Amberina" is a term used to describe it's orange-red that lend to it's fiery finished color.  This piece has a slight tone of yellow at the base and crest.

  For the Owl lover and figurine collector, The Cherry Attic offers this wonderful example of Japanese works of a

A lovely addition to any library, office, or den.

I'd love to share all of Kari's marvelous finds, but you'll just have to stop by her shop

to see more of her wonderful vintage goods and perhaps to find that perfect something for yourself, to give as a gift, and one that we hope will make a great addition to your home décor or personal vintage collection.

Monday, June 6, 2016

Strawberry Shortcake For All

Was a pretty nice weekend in the land of Org (Oregon) and the start of another wonderful week.  This weekend marked the 107th running of the our annual Strawberry Festival...

and the World's Largest Strawberry Shortcake...
shown above in 1955 and below in the...


Here the modern day Shortcake shown below....

with the commencement of serving after the parade...

The Strawberry Princess' were nominated...and a queen was selected...

It was a hot day with temps in the high 90's so one of Lebanon's finest was out cooling down the parade participants..

and the crowd.

Bands played...

and folks danced.

The Grand Parade was filled with entrants this year that included a great looking
Texas Longhorn...

Marching Bands...

Race Cars...

and Cowgirls too!

We have the Strawberry Cup Races...
at Willamette Speedway, where dirt trackers from around the western states 
vie for the coveted Strawberry Cup honors.

Jet boat racing located just west of the Willamette
Valley Speedway was part of the action as well years past.

The Festival ends on Sunday, but Saturday is the day to attend all the activities including the Strawberry Festival Carnival.

where if you stay long enough, you can watch the sunset from a wonderful and exciting vantage point.

Strawberry Fest....

I miss the days spent with
my girls at the Festival.