Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Monday, November 11, 2013

Unsung Hero's

To all who've served before....

and who are currently serving.

For the sacrifices you have made....

At home and abroad...


For your service and commitment to our country.  We shall forever be indebted.


Monday, August 5, 2013

Bestest Friends....

Bob and Jim.....BF's FOREVER!...


Watchin' your BF's back....


Sometimes a notion....


A lost BF....


Have a Great Week!

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Tickle Your Fancy, Charm Your Heart

This month's featured seller is an Etsy pal and another fellow member of team Vintage Vertigo.  She joined Etsy October of 2011 and has not looked back.  If you've met and/or read her "About" page, you'll find she has a passion like us for all that is vintage.  In reading said page I found myself thinking the same in which my home as a child was filled with antiquities, vintagicities, and how too my parents cruised the fleamarkets, 2nd hand, and thrift stores in hopes to find something special.  Here with no further ado, I'd like to introduce to you...

Mary Jane


 Mary Jane's shop is chocked full with over 260 items for your browsing and purchasing pleasure.  Here is just a sample of the wonderful vintage finds she has to offer and some of my favorites.


Step out in fashion with this Gorgeous Vintage Burgandy Coach Purse
An awesome compliment to your accessory collection!


Check out his cool Pepsi Flicker Lamp ...


How about a vintage camcorder like this Bell and Howell Super 8?  
A great piece for the collector and/or video buff!


Leather lovers here's this awesome Vintage Damselle Of New York
Genuine Black Leather Jacket! Wowsa!


For you miniature train collectors
This cool little Southern Pacific display engine.


This beautiful Fire King Creamer

reminds me of pitching dimes at the carnival.


To see more of Mary Jane's vintage goods, just click on any of the links on this page.  I hope you'll stop by for a visit and browse soon!

Sunday, May 5, 2013

The End Is Near


A close-up of our little 1940's bungalow a year after we moved in...


and now.

The new roof was installed last month.

Here's are a couple shots of the kitchen my wife and I designed and installed.  A view of the veranda deck just outside the french doors.

A shot of the small but comfy informal dining area and breakfast bar.

This was the old 6' x 9' kitchen that was converted into the...


Last, but not least I will finish the inside of the enclosed porch.

The end is near!

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

This Side Of The Moon

I want to share with you today a new cyber friend and teammate from team Vintage Vertigo on Etsy.  Stephanie, who owns Etsy shop...

is a part time yoga instructor, and lover of all that is vintage, has lived and traveled throughout England, Europe, and the United States. Featured here are some of her fantastic vintage finds that I hope you'll enjoy.


One of my faves is this beautiful 1960's Tapio Wirkkala Glazed Porcelain Modulation Vase

A lovely pair of vintage German Handmade Bronze Studio Pottery Vases to fit with most any decor

Stephanie also offers fine vintage apparel like this gorgeous 1920's Hand Beaded Pink Party Dress

Perhaps this Backless 80's Avant Garde Couture Little Black Dress is more to your liking?

As always, I won't show you all of Stephanie's wonderful vintage items, but given this sneek peek I do hope you'll stop by for a browse of her wonderful shop and thank you very much for visiting...


Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Sorry I Missed You

A few weeks ago while assisting a couple new "students" in their vocational training at the thrift store a large donation of miscellaneous goods came in packaged in several boxes.  One of the first things that's done is that each box is looked over quickly to determine what process location destination it meets.  One box in particular consisted of a variety of hardware type goods, fixtures, tools, etc.  In this box was an item that caught the eye of one of the students who I'll call "Kyle".  Kyle proceeded to commence digging through the box at which time I asked him to stack the box and continue with moving the remaining boxes to their respective areas.

Upon completion of that task everyone went back to their work stations.  I went about making my rounds through processing and the stores floors making sure everyone was on task.  A few minutes later I was called to take a donation phone call and returned back to the process area.  In walking into the area I noticed Kyle was back in the area where we had just stacked the drop-off donation, so I shouted his name and went on to take the call that was holding.  I completed the call and went over to ask Kyle what it was that had  (understand that some of these students have just enrolled in the program in hope to rehab from drugs and/or alcohol and often "dig" through boxes in hopes of finding a pack of smokes, alcohol, anything.) him snooping and intrigued with that given box.  He stated as most do with "nothing?".  I told him to return to his work station in which he promptly did and we went back to work.  Again I did a walk through the store and returned to the process area.  I stepped over to check on one of the newer students and as I conversed with the student I heard Kyle walk up behind me and ask "hey, what's th...", then instantly without warning heard "BOOM!".  I just about jumped out of my shoes at the sound then spun around to see WTH just went off not 3 feet from my person to see him standing there with a stunned ghost white expression on his face and what appeared at first glance a writing pen on the floor at his feet.

Immediately I shouted wth are you doing?????  I then looked around the room to see if everyone was ok and that no one had been hurt.  What Kyle found in that box and had no idea that what he held in his hand was a "Pen Gun" loaded with a slug equivalent to a .44 caliber bullet, cocked and ready to fire.  It was that which caught his eye, that which he took from the box, and that which he cupped it in his hand and proceeded to walk towards me to ask "hey, what's this?", but tripped the firing pin before finishing the question.  The good Lord was watching over us that day as anyone of us could have been hit with devastating consequences.  Fortunately for everyone the round went off and lodged itself in the 12 inch thick ceiling of the building.  Kyle was quite shaken once it dawned on him that he could have killed anyone of us with his careless actions.  He was quite remorseful and apologized continuously throughout the remainder of the day.  Over the following few days the incident took a lighter turn and Kyle was teased, jokes made, and the likes.  Although it turned more lighthearted and no one was hurt, it was by all means very serious.  

One morning shortly thereafter my attempted assassination, lol, Kyle came up to me holding something behind his back which immediately made me suck up my shorts and said "Hey, I just wanted to let you know how bad I still feel about what happened" and presented me with this...


Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Proof You're Never Too Old

I work for an organization that helps men, both young and old who have been afflicted by drug and alcohol abuse.  We teach them the skills they'll need to become productive members of society through a year long program that involves building their spiritual faith, job training, counseling, etc., we refer to them as "Students".  There are two main facilities where they work, one being the "Center" where they focus on their spiritual faith, personal responsibilities, and life skills.  The other, where I work closely with these individual is in one of 4 retail thrift stores teaching skills like customer service/interaction, production and processing of donations, money handling, and public relations.

Like the thrift store giant Goodwill, we receive, sort, and process donated goods for resale.  Sale of these goods goes back into providing for these individuals housing, personal effects, meals, etc.  Work begins when a donation is dropped off in our receiving department and each item is sorted into it's respective categorical area, clothes, shoes, appliances, toys, and so forth.  The items are then cleaned, priced, and distributed to each store department for sale.  This particular store has two levels, a first and second floor.  The second floor consists mainly of furniture and hardwares.  Each floor has one student responsible for stocking shelves, assisting customers, and they assist each other as needed.

With Christmas on the horizon, we'd been filling the shelves as one could imagine.  Donations by the score are being dropped off and sorted.  On this day, someone dropped off a huge group of toys.  In this group there happened to be a new unused  Kenner Easy Bake Oven with an assortment of cake mixes.  As with the other toys, the Kenner was processed and packaged so as to sell as a whole.

Onto the floors... Our first floor guy receives a shopping cart filled with items to stock the shelves.  The student I had working the first floor that day is 38 years old and happens to be one who I personally took a liking to as he has an awesome attitude, positive outlook, and is always productive when working with me, however, from time to time his inner child tends to surface and he needs to be reeled back in.  I'll call him "Adam".  As Adam stocked the toy departments shelves this morning, he walked by me carrying this "Easy Bake" oven all the while flashing a mischievous smile.  I knew what he was thinking and I insisted that he remove these thoughts from his mind and concentrate on work.  He just smiled.  I shook my head and muttered "kids".

The day went by without incident until about 4 pm in the afternoon when I noticed Adam was not to be found anywhere on the first floor.  I went into the process area at the back of the store and did not find him.  I assumed he may have had to assist the second floor guy "Evan" with a piece of furniture so I proceeded upstairs reaching the landing and noticing a calm quietness to the floor.  I said nothing, but listened.  I could hear the faint sound of voices whispering so I walked towards the sounds.  As I neared a group of living room furniture I could hear giggling.  I stepped around an area of bookshelves to find Adam and Evan relaxing on the floor in front of this living room group with the Easy Bake oven plugged in, propped on a coffee table, a tv/vcr movie going, a couple dirty cake pans, and more cake pans ready for baking.  They didn't realize I was there and continued giggling like a couple little girls.  I loudly shouted "What the heck you two doing?"  and scared the hell out of them.  They about jumped out of their shoes.  I couldn't believe that Adam convinced Evan to set up the oven to enjoy snacks and watch "High Plains Drifter" on tv??  Their smiles instantly vanished.  The two birds jumped into clean up mode without a word said.  Evan wiped chocolate frosting from his lips as he picked up the messy pans.  Adam had cake pouches shoved in his pockets as he hurried to clean up, I could barely contain myself as I thought it was quite funny, yet this was a situation that could have resulted in serious disciplinary action and loss of many of their privileges.

Neither had a word to say for themselves and I didn't have the heart to cite the incident.  I expressed my dismay and left it at that.  This however goes to show that even in your 30's, you're "never too old" to enjoy....

Kenner's Easy Bake Oven!