Thursday, June 13, 2013

Tickle Your Fancy, Charm Your Heart

This month's featured seller is an Etsy pal and another fellow member of team Vintage Vertigo.  She joined Etsy October of 2011 and has not looked back.  If you've met and/or read her "About" page, you'll find she has a passion like us for all that is vintage.  In reading said page I found myself thinking the same in which my home as a child was filled with antiquities, vintagicities, and how too my parents cruised the fleamarkets, 2nd hand, and thrift stores in hopes to find something special.  Here with no further ado, I'd like to introduce to you...

Mary Jane


 Mary Jane's shop is chocked full with over 260 items for your browsing and purchasing pleasure.  Here is just a sample of the wonderful vintage finds she has to offer and some of my favorites.


Step out in fashion with this Gorgeous Vintage Burgandy Coach Purse
An awesome compliment to your accessory collection!


Check out his cool Pepsi Flicker Lamp ...


How about a vintage camcorder like this Bell and Howell Super 8?  
A great piece for the collector and/or video buff!


Leather lovers here's this awesome Vintage Damselle Of New York
Genuine Black Leather Jacket! Wowsa!


For you miniature train collectors
This cool little Southern Pacific display engine.


This beautiful Fire King Creamer

reminds me of pitching dimes at the carnival.


To see more of Mary Jane's vintage goods, just click on any of the links on this page.  I hope you'll stop by for a visit and browse soon!


Mary Weaver said...

Thank You Mr. Dave !!!

NeverTooOld said...

MW, You're quite welcome! Cheers!

Wink Artisans said...

Wow that handbag is gorgeous!

NeverTooOld said...

Hi Wink! Nice to see ya! Isn't thought?? I'm amazed it has not sold already, esp being a Coach bag!!! Thanks for stopping by and hoping you're enjoying the day!