Saturday, October 21, 2017

When You Just Don't Want To Leave

A blessing when you get a chance to not only do some serious picking, but get to do it at a location like this.  This beautiful place was tucked away in the Willamette National Forest in Cascadia, Oregon.  The owner sold the place and was moving out of state.  He purchased a 35 foot motor coach and could not take furnishings with.  The back yard was a picturesque "park like" setting overlooking the South Santiam River.  Sitting about 100 feet above the river was this picnic area.  An old tree stump covered in moss and let to age took on the appearance of Sasquatch himself.  The concrete stairs that led down to a wonderful beach area on the river was spectacular.  Above all, some wonderful antique and whimsical finds were had. 

I didn't want to leave.

" Pickin' For A Livin' and Livin' For The Pickin' "

2 comments: said...

hi dear. long time no hear or see. i havent been blogging in a long time. i miss doing it but i hardly have time. my oldest will be taking her ged test soon from home schooling and my youngest just turned 14 june 2nd. so damned busy. i should make time to blog more often after everyone goes to bed during the week

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