Tuesday, August 30, 2016

To Live Another Life

Last night I had the most amazing dream that included a special friend.  It was one of those dreams that filled me with an overwhelming sense of love, not romance love, but, loving.  Most of my dreams last about as long as a TV commercial, or so it seems.  Small quips and short lived.  This dream was one of those that seemed to last all night, one that lends to not wanting to wake up.  Do you ever have dreams like that?  

Routinely, I drive my granddaughter to her morning workout and practice.  So we hop in the car and the minute I start it, as usual, she reaches for the radio, the song on the radio, "These Dreams" by the band Heart and the lyrics... 

"These dreams go on when I close my eyes, every second of the night, I live another life." 


I hope that when you feel like a nap, while you gaze out your office window, or tonight when you rest your head upon your pillow, that you too....