Tuesday, October 11, 2016

She's Fab-BOO-lous!

I can't believe this Fab-BOO-lous kid will be 16 years old in just a few months.  Here's a share of a few pics through the years at Halloween time.     

Her first Halloween trick or treating at age 3, "The Little Bat".
She was so excited, pumpkin in hand, but had no clue what going trick or treating really was.  She was so cute in the costume I had a friend create a polymer figurine for us.

The "Can-Can" girl.  Always so happy, but she opted for the "Little Bat" costume that Halloween.

"The Groucho Marx Singing Witch".  She insisted she would sing "Trick or Treat" and adlib the rest.  She still loves to clown around and insisted on the "nose and glasses" to go along with the outfit.  She's quite a card!

A little more sophisticated and a lot of "attitude", lol.  Where did all those curls go?  Definitely an urban cowgirl!

Raggedy Ann at her finest.  A friend made this costume and was just perfect.  Cheyenne looked like a real-life Raggedy Ann and remember everyone shouting out "it's Raggedy Ann" as we trick-or-treated through the neighborhood.

The first of the "makeup" costumes and I think was the first time for her to put makeup on of any kind.  The teeth were a tad bit too big, but she insisted "A vampire's not a vampire without fangs!"

She's now a HS sophmore on the Varsity Volleyball Team and near 6' tall, but she'll always be Papa's little girl.

Here with granddoggie "Delilah"