Friday, May 7, 2010

Books Of Grandeur

One of my most pleasurable hunts is for vintage or antique books.  Leather bound books are my favorite.  Pre WWII are most exciting to find.  Although I'm not one to sit and read chapter after chapter of any given book, it's the allure of finding a quality leather bound book and to sit an wonder how many hands that given book may have passed through.  Another thing about antique and vintage books are their odors.  It's that of a musty almost mold like smell that I enjoy, provided it is not mold ridden or too heavily odored.

  My hunts today put me in the path of a wonder antique book titled "It Can Be Done".  This is a book of inspirational poems that's copyrighted 1921.  Almost 90 years old, this book was well cared for.  It just amazes me to find a book in such good condition and one must know that it was well loved.  Have ya ever heard anyone say "Oh I loved that book" or "I love that author"?  That's how I feel about books such as these.

You'd be surprised at how many wonderful antique and vintage books are bypassed for the more modern Nora Roberts or Stephen King novels.  How many of these fine books make their way to landfills and libraries depends on how many we can rescue. So next time your out and about, have a good look at the book shelves, as the one antique book you find may turn out to be your most treasured.


Natalia Designs said...

Very mysteries and intriguing book.

NeverTooOld said...

That's what draws me to them. Thank You for visiting Natalia.