Saturday, March 27, 2010

My Etsy Pick Of The Day: FlowersFromFatima

Wow, There are so many artisans on Etsy and so hard to pick a fave of the day so I'm just gonna close my eyes and pick two! Ha!

FlowersFromFatima's shop owner Fatima is such a wonderfully fun and creative woman who's passion for nature is expressed in her floral head pieces, hairpins, and other creative works. Her creations are so realistic looking I had to ask her if they were "real" flowers. Forgive me, I'm a guy, lol. She has a talent of which I've not seen and is very friendly and a pleasure to chat with. I believe you will be delighted in doing business with her and you will marvel at her wonderful floral creations.

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My Etsy Pick of The Day: Dr. Strychnine

Dr. Strychnine, she is an artist and jewelry maker amongst other things and offers a great array of products that are way too kewl for my description!! Truly you'll have to see for yourself. She's an AWESOME artist and has produced some drawings of some of my all time fave MONSTERS!! Frankenstein and Herman Munster!! She's wickedly creative with an awesome personality and sense of humor. This woman ROCKS!! So take a moment and browse her shop on Etsy as you never know what lurks behind each page!!!

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Chinese Checkers Anyone?

Ah, today i'm just moving stuff around from my Etsy Shop to Ebay. Things are slow on Lil E so I moved some stuff to Big E. The Chinese checker board pictured above was found in an estate sale a few weeks ago. This is a vintage wood playing board that was made in the 50's. This particular piece is made by J. Pressman Co. of NY. It is in exceptional condition and comes with the marbles. I don't believe the marbles are original to the set, but have not confirmed that to be the case. The corners have been tacked with a nail and that's the only flaw. The graphics are nice and bright and the wood is in super condition. You can check it out at my shop on Etsy. Hope you have a great weekend.

Monday, March 22, 2010

First Ride

Just thought I'd throw in a video of her 1st ride. Nothing spectacular, but the look on her face is worth it all, LOL!!

Spring Break Week

Ok, so I wake up this morning to my granddot nagg'n "Papa I wanna ride my scooter", lol. Yeah, she already had her sneakers on, helmet donned, and still in her jammies!! The kiddo got a Razor "Vespa" type scooter for her birthday and of course "Papa" needed to assemble the front tire and charge the thing. All said and done the lil scoot was ready for the road, hence she got dressed and took off for her first time ever on a motorized mode of transport. After a couple laps down the street she gained confidence and took a spin at full throttle only to go into a speed wobble and shut 'er down, I laughed so much my gut ached!! A biker mama in the making!!

Yeah, I know this has nothing to do with vintage but just had to share!! Happy Monday!!