Friday, January 14, 2011


I never did say or tell you I could,
But so many times I told you I would.

Days may go without even a word,
My perceptions let not be so much deterred.

Do know what was said means oh so much more,
Yet let it not feel as if it's a chore.

I shall not let it be redundant or trite,
To turn that of which is considered a plight.

Take time to consider all of which has been said,
Feelings to keep, that they not be tread.

Know that in time all those words will be clear,
Those things that were said, they shall persevere.

So please do not worry, don't lose any sleep,
The quality perceived, will one day be reaped.

Just keep close to heart, leave nothing to dread,
All of my words, the things that were said.



tweetey30 said...

I still say you should be a professional..i love it.. it will keep me thinking of all the things I have said lately good and bad..

but that isnt a bad thing. just makes me realize not to say the bad things again.

NeverTooOld said...

Hi Tweety,

Thanks soo much, perhaps one day i'll consider, but for now is just me, ya know? It's not a bad thing whatsoever, we think bad things and that's ok, just don't say, no one will ever hold personal lest you express those thots. Mine are as such, to be interpreted as such, whatever one feels should be. Never a bad thot tho.

Thankies soo much for visiting,


countrymoonboutique said...

Hello Dave,

I have read all of your poems and more then once I must say you are so talented and I do hope that some day you decide to have them pulished.

You are a natural Dave!...I know you say you will know when your best one comes...I don't feel that way...all of them are your best of best work...It is the person that it touches at that moment in time...when it is read... that makes it the best of the best!!! :)

NeverTooOld said...

Your kind words have touched me and who know's perhaps some publisher will come to me, lol. Highly doubtful! HA! I'm just happy that even if it touches just one person like yourself, it's all good.

Thanks so much and see ya round the etsy neighborhood soon!

Anonymous said...

Hello my friend!

You could be so right Dave...You just might be the one that gets a comment right here from a publisher... Look at how many others out there who have already been found...for one gift they have or another! This is a~gate~way for sure! 2011 just could be "YOUR" year! ;D

NeverTooOld said...

Hi Anon,

I suppose anything is possible? Thanks for your words of encouragement, however I won't hold my breath, lol. It's a visit and comment such as yours that matter to me, so Thank You.