Thursday, September 8, 2011

A First Time For Everything

After nearly 12 years of selling online and maintaining a feedback rating of 100% in all venues, I've received my first (and must say unfair) negative feedback.  I won't go into details but just wanted to share the love so I'd not be alone, lol.

oniheyhannkachou01 says:

"Worst. This seller is irresponsible. I paid to this seller on August 27, 2011. When this seller shipped it on Monday, I sent an email to me. However, I knew that this seller did not yet ship this item today. Anyway, this seller is irresponsible. Though I finished payment, this seller did not ship it. This seller is a critical irresponsible seller. Never shipped item. Wasted my time. PLEASE REFUND. The item was never received. I finish payment on August 27, 2011. I finish payment on August 27, 2011. However, this seller left me unattended until I sent an email. And there was communication from this seller as soon as I accused this seller in PAYPAL. Wasted my time.  PLEASE REFUND."

Had I of known this buyer truly needed attending to I would have attended :o(   The item was shipped and because it was going to Japan, this poor soul doesn't realize it will take 14-20 days transit time, but I won't hold her ignorance against her and just move on.

As an added treat, I logged in to my Zibbet Community website to be welcomed with this cheerful note....

You have been suspended from Zibbet's Community

"Sorry, Dave (NeverTooOld), you can not access Zibbet's Community as you have been suspended. If you think you've been suspended in error, you can contact the administrator."
I suppose the powers to be at Zibbet held a meeting of the Loyal Order of Grand Buffalos and decided to strip me of my horns!

 What kinda carp you think the grand Poobah's gonna lay on ya?
Well here's what I have to say to them all....

....and how's your week been??


kneesandpaws said...

Oh my gosh Dave I'm so glad you have a sense of humor and can write this publicly on your blog. Thank you so much for posting this. I needed it more than you know as today I was informed that the lovely ladies on the Etsy Kids team have booted me due to my own fault of forgetting not to contribute something. One lousy tweet about their team would have kept me on the roster but I guess I didn't care then, just like I don't care now! So I feel exactly the way you do and WISH I had the T shirt to prove it!

NeverTooOld said...

Hi Jennifer!

Awww, well in my opinion they don't deserve to have you on the team! Pffft! Peeps are so easy to jump to conclusions and/or haste, no? Like water off a ducks back (UofO Duck, hehe), don't give it a second thought as it truly is their loss, they know not. Thanks so much for your always kind words. I enjoy your visits and glad you enjoyed the post! Now off to find someone who can silkscreen me some tee's! LOL!

lamazonian said...

I was gonna say, geez this person doesn't seem to have anything else to say except "irresponsible", like it is the only thing she got. :P oh well you can't please all the crazies, not worth the attention at times :)
btw, nice wig!

NeverTooOld said...

Hi Lamazonian,

Wig?? What wig? That's my naturally curly hair!!! LOL. Thanks so much for the visit and I know, I couldn't believe when I read this morning and had to share. I truly don't let it bother me. Hope you and yours have enjoyed a nice summer and thanks again for stopping by.

ticc said...

Oh my gosh!!! Sorry to hear all that. Glad to see that you can still hold your head up, and continue to be the Dave we know. Sure miss being able to chat with you in the chat rooms, as well as the other folks. That was the highlight of my day chatting with all the wonderful people. Love seeing you around here and there. Take care and have a wonderful day!!!!

P.S. Hair looks great!!! LOL.

NeverTooOld said...

Hiya Ticc!

Awww thanks! Yes, what is one to do but carry on. I just thought was so funny I had to share it here. I too miss seeing you and others in the old chat rooms. None of the other venues for chat offer the same. Yes, I'm usually hanging round like that cheap vintage suit and hope to see you again soon. Have a great weekend!

Marthaamay O_o said...

oh dear, what an awful soul.

NeverTooOld said...

Hi Martha,

Is just terrible someone would go to this extent. However, if anyone were to read her feedbacks they'd see she's a history of negs. To each their own, no? Thanks for stopping by and hope you've a superduper week!

CountryMoon said...



all joking aside...No one will even pay any mind to that one - my friend.

Why did they do away with the chat-rooms?

Best to you always,
Me & The Trio!

NeverTooOld said...

Hi CountryMoon,

LOL! Good to hear from you! Etsy dropped chat due to "flash" which I believe they claim was too much to maintain, I think? lol. You're askin the dummy?? hehe. Thanks for stopping by as is always a pleasure!! Happy Hump Day!

CountryMoon said...

By the By!

I think I just got'a get me and the Fam...some of them there 'T's'
made up...of course they got'a...have one in my fav..color and some there-one-sie "Flight-suits" fo- them...trio! LMBO! ;)

Thik...I will whole-off on that look-there with the Ringlets tho...they can only do...The...One..****and only YOUUU...Justice...We say!!!!!!

All fo-now...take care!
thanks for the Ups on chats!
Me **** Trio!

PS! Maybe...if the on etsy for the chat-rooms long enough...they just might start them up again...word for thought!

NeverTooOld said...

Hi CMB, Was on/off comp the past few days. You think we can get something going with the tee's and wigs? lol!! You can visit "" to see some of the gang from etsy. I hear nights are best. Who knows, maybe I see ya there?? Thanks for the visit.

Countrymoon said...

Checked Chatsie out...You had Just..Pop~Out..&... I had Just... Pop~In! LMBO!!!

Take Care!

TheJerseyShoreMom said...

Dave I love your positive spin on a negative idiot! <3 to you!

NeverTooOld said...

Hi CountryMoon,
Yeah been pretty busy these days so time on chatsie is very limited. May catch ya there on a Wed or Thurs night! You too, take care!

NeverTooOld said...

Thanks so much for your support and very glad I've only had one in 12 years, lol. Truly miss chattin wit ya's!! Hope you're enjoying the weekend and thanks for stopping by! <3