Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Sweet Vintage

I've always had a fondness for vintage apparel.  I especially love fashion apparel from the 1940's, which in my opinion was the heyday for glam gams.  Although the 40's was my fave period, I dig most all vintage apparel both women's and men's.  Here I have for you an Etsy seller with some fab vintage garb that I think you'll appreciate and may pursuade you to want to see more.  Let me introduce you to....

Following are a few of my personal favorites....

Vintage 1950s Jameshire Beige Cotton Ladylike Skirt Suit XS / S

Vintage 1960s Koret Off-White Ostrich Handbag & Coin Purse, Classic

Vintage 1960s Pink Gingham Floral Embroidery Skirt & Top Cotton Play Set XS / S

Vintage 1970s Andrea Pfister Brown Snakeskin Reptile Purse & Matching Heels 7.5

Vintage 1970s Salvatore Ferragamo Beige Nubuck Leather Heels 8

as you may find something you just can't live without!

4 comments: said...

very cool vintage stuff.. i am only 34 and i feel like vintage stuff sometimes..hehe..

Marthaamay O_o said...


You are right, there are some lovely pieces, there's a nice 'palm beach' dress, if I lived somewhere sunny, that would be my uniform!

How are you? Having a lovely Autumn time?

NeverTooOld said...

Hi NBR, lol I'm 51 so let's not talk vintage from that standpoint! hehe. Thanks for the kind comments and visiting. Hope you've an awesome weekend.

NeverTooOld said...

Hi Martha!
I know ain't it the most? I esp love the 50's Jameshire Skirt suit shown first in the post. The Palm Beach Nucci is lovely indeed. All well here in the Pacific Northwest and yes the color change of all the trees is just awesome. Hope you and yours are well too. Thanks for the visit and hope again soon! Have a good weekend.