Tuesday, January 25, 2011


Say allo to my lil frin....                    

Little Chief Sitting Mouse

Thank you Anna and Naomi for your adorable works!

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Sunday, January 23, 2011

Who's The Dummy

A cute and funny story to share with you....

Last week as I walked through the living room I saw sitting on the coffee table a spiral notebook my granddaughter uses as somewhat of a journel, one of like 12, lol.  The book was open so I decided to read what she had written:

All the things I can do with my manocon

                                    Me and my manocon

1. Jump on trampoleen 
2. dance.
3. dress her up
4. take her to taylors and other places (not school)

This was taken directly off the page and printed here exactly as was written in her journal.   She had been goin on and on about wanting a mannequin in her room for the last two weeks and after reading the entry I had to do something.  I took her to the local thrift shop where I know the manager and explained my situation.  He lead us downstairs to the basement where in one corner were 6 mannequins.  All of the mannequins were that of a flesh toned with painted faces and eyes, all but one.  There she stood alone, away from the others and unlike all the others.  My granddaughter when over and gave her a hug, lol.  I couldn't help but to snicker.  I asked if she wanted to look the others over and choose one, but she wasn't interested.  She had to have the one that was singled out.   I introduce you to....


Well Grandpa....

Who's the dummy now?

Sunday, January 16, 2011


It's pretty cool the sheer number of vintage shops on Etsy.  Here I present to you some fave pieces and shops.  Just click on the shop name to visit, browse, and enjoy......


Some Things Are....

Friday, January 14, 2011


I never did say or tell you I could,
But so many times I told you I would.

Days may go without even a word,
My perceptions let not be so much deterred.

Do know what was said means oh so much more,
Yet let it not feel as if it's a chore.

I shall not let it be redundant or trite,
To turn that of which is considered a plight.

Take time to consider all of which has been said,
Feelings to keep, that they not be tread.

Know that in time all those words will be clear,
Those things that were said, they shall persevere.

So please do not worry, don't lose any sleep,
The quality perceived, will one day be reaped.

Just keep close to heart, leave nothing to dread,
All of my words, the things that were said.


Tuesday, January 11, 2011


There are so many wonderful crafters and so many awesome Etsy shops that it's just so hard to choose which to do a feature on.  I've decided that when one in particular strikes my fancy, it shall be the one to be featured.  

Here I have for your reading and viewing pleasure....

"All Natural Old Fashioned Soaps With A Modern Twist"

I interviewed the owner of this fun shop and here's what she had to say....

NTO:  Who is behind the scenes at PureSimplicitySoaps?

PSS:  Well, that would little ole me... hehe. I'm Hilary, I own and operate Pure Simplicity Soaps. I pretty much do everything myself from ordering supplies, formulating my own recipes, making the soap itself, cutting, packaging and shipping. I do have some help from time to time.. My younger sister Jasmine loves to help when she can.

NTO:  How long have you been crafting these wonderful soaps?

Hilary:  I started my soap-making adventures about 6 years ago. It all started shortly after my Grandfather passed away. He had raised me from an infant and I felt so empty after he was gone. I knew I wanted to fill that void with something productive and educational at the same time. I chose to start with m&p soap, which you can do amazingly artist things with. After having much success with this I wanted to venture into more natural soaps. Slowly I learned about lye, specification... all these new things I had never dealt with previously in my soap-making. My first batch was a success, I loved it, my family loved it and I couldn't keep it in stock. So here I am, 6 years later.. a happy little soap-maker on etsy :)


NTO:  You use a variety of ingredients in your soaps, do you have a favorite combination?

Hilary:  Yes, I do. I always make sure to have Coconut oil for loads of bubbles and lather, it also works as an emollient to create nice silky soaps. Olive oil for adding great moisture and nourishment to the skin. Cocoa butter which helps with skin elasticity and dryness. Castor Oil to help create lots of bubbles & lather. Then, Shea Butter brings in vitamins and minerals and also conditions skin.


NTO:  With such a variety of soaps, is there a fave among your clientele?

Hilary:  Yes, I have many customers that also love Lush Cosmetics soaps. So my Lush scents are always very popular. Honey Bee (Lush's Honey I Washed the Kids), Candy Girl (Lush's Rockstar) and Coconut Mango would be my top 3 sellers.



NTO:  How large a batch do you produce and how long does one take to formulate?

Hilary:  I do everything in small batches. My kitchen is my lab so to speak, so I am limited on space. I normally make 6-8 pound batches at a time. Depending on how elaborate the soaps are going to be depends on the time. Normally for a basic 8 lb batch of soap I'm in the kitchen for 2 hours and then back again the next day unmolding, cutting and weighing soaps.

NTO:  What do you find most challenging in running your own homebased business if anything?

Hilary:  I find organization a key and sometimes that is very difficult. Because this business is out of my home... I try to keep everything well organized and in its place, Oils, fragrances, colorants, shipping, and packing items, you name it.  That can be a real challenge at times for me!

NTO:  What do you find most rewarding in the same?

Hilary:  When someone writes me and tells me how my soap has helped a skin ailment that they have struggled with. The people I meet, that is the most rewarding thing of all. I am always getting letters or comments letting me know how much they love my soaps and that just makes my day.

Here's what people are saying about Pure Simplicity Soaps:

"Items were wrapped in a gorgeous box with sweet stickers :) Love the way everything smells, I will be back very soon :)"


"LOVE this! my daughter was the first to dig in....it's lovely and refreshing!"

"Very gentle and moisturizing. I'd love to see this soap scented in the future! Lovely packaging, amazing scents, free samples & pretty packaging. I love the soaps! and this seller is a sweetheart! Highly recommended."

NTO:  Giving one piece of advise on running a home based business, what would that be?

Hilary:  Don't do it half-hearted. If you want success you must put your all into it. Many days I just want to come home and relax... but I push myself to keep learning and creating. One day this hard work will pay off and until then I'm just going with the punches and keeping a smile on my face

NTO:  Your product photographs look professional, what type camera do you shoot with?

Hilary:  Thank you. I use a basic Nikon Coolpix but I am hoping to invest in a more professional camera this year. I am also learning new ways of taking photos and utilizing natural light more.

Just for fun Hilary?

 car or truck?


 Harley or crotch rocket?

"Harley baby"

 Beer or wine?

"Beer - Bud lite with Lime to be exact ;)"

 Chinese or American food?

"Chinese by far!"

 Sit down fancy or take out?

"Take out..."

 White or yellow gold jewelry?

"White gold"

 Jeans or dresses/skirts?


White, milk, or dark chocolate?

"Haha!!! Hmm how about all 3 melted into one!"

And finally, what I want to know most of all:

NTO:  What are the chances of adding scents like, "meatloaf", "pizza", "beer, or "PB&J"?

Hilary:  Well, I'm a fun loving girl. Not too sure about the meatloaf and pizza but I do love the sound of a beer soap and who can go wrong with Peanut butter and jelly??


Well, There ya have it!  Hilary was awesome and very patient with me as I continued posing questions to gain more insite on Pure Simplicity Soaps.  It's been my pleasure and thanks so much Hilary, what a great sport!

You can stop and visit Pure Simplicity Soaps by clicking the link below and hope you will soon!

Tuesday, January 4, 2011


I think of you often,

In my mind write each day,

Yet no words put onto paper,

Thoughts be written this way.

These words pour like its raining,

None be them harse or cold,

But words of which I think of you,

Thoughts my mind barely hold.

 I've never seen your smile,

Dreamt I've felt your touch,

A thought that's so enchanting,

I shouldn't think so much.

The truth of what does matter,

Is the fact they shall remain,

These words stored in my head,

My thoughts forever contained.