Thursday, September 8, 2011

A First Time For Everything

After nearly 12 years of selling online and maintaining a feedback rating of 100% in all venues, I've received my first (and must say unfair) negative feedback.  I won't go into details but just wanted to share the love so I'd not be alone, lol.

oniheyhannkachou01 says:

"Worst. This seller is irresponsible. I paid to this seller on August 27, 2011. When this seller shipped it on Monday, I sent an email to me. However, I knew that this seller did not yet ship this item today. Anyway, this seller is irresponsible. Though I finished payment, this seller did not ship it. This seller is a critical irresponsible seller. Never shipped item. Wasted my time. PLEASE REFUND. The item was never received. I finish payment on August 27, 2011. I finish payment on August 27, 2011. However, this seller left me unattended until I sent an email. And there was communication from this seller as soon as I accused this seller in PAYPAL. Wasted my time.  PLEASE REFUND."

Had I of known this buyer truly needed attending to I would have attended :o(   The item was shipped and because it was going to Japan, this poor soul doesn't realize it will take 14-20 days transit time, but I won't hold her ignorance against her and just move on.

As an added treat, I logged in to my Zibbet Community website to be welcomed with this cheerful note....

You have been suspended from Zibbet's Community

"Sorry, Dave (NeverTooOld), you can not access Zibbet's Community as you have been suspended. If you think you've been suspended in error, you can contact the administrator."
I suppose the powers to be at Zibbet held a meeting of the Loyal Order of Grand Buffalos and decided to strip me of my horns!

 What kinda carp you think the grand Poobah's gonna lay on ya?
Well here's what I have to say to them all....

....and how's your week been??

Wednesday, September 7, 2011


Reminiscent of the Marshall football team of 1970.  The news of that fateful day in Nov still lingers.  Sincerest condolences to the family and friends of those lost in today's tragic plane crash in Yaroslavl.

With heartfelt sympathy....

You will never be forgotten.

Monday, September 5, 2011

Coast Campout

Our annual trip to the Oregon coast proved to be another wonderfully relaxing trip.  It's only an hour's drive from our hometown and although we've been on this road trip a hundred times, we never get tired of it. 

Beachside Campground


70-80 degrees during the day

55 degrees at night

The campfire roared

Playin' in the sand and trail riding

Browsing the antique and junks shops was fun

Whittler's Workshop in Waldport, OR


or sunset

 A trip to the Oregon coast relaxes one and....  

even the big kids have fun!