Wednesday, August 8, 2012


Some of my all time favorite vintage items are that of accessories.  From vintage jewelry to purses, I've always had a fondness for such.  I especially love vintage purses from the 50's.  I'd like to share with you some faved carry-alongs...

Here from...

is this magnificent Gold Pleated Handbag/Clutch

with Rhinestone Encrusted Clasp

and a Champagne colored Interior Lining

What a Gem! 


Another fave is this...

Beautiful Peach Satin 1950's Shell Clutch

with Knotted Gold Shell Clasp

and Navy colored lining



This sweet 1950's American White Chain Mail Handbag

with Tortoise Shell Handle

and Bronze Satiny Lining

Is brought to you by

Gloria Day's Vintage Emporium


Is where you'll find this gorgeous Navy 

Lucite Handled, Brass Accented

Box Purse by "JR"

with a Lovely and almost untouched Cream colored Interior Lining


To round off my faved selection of 1950's era purses, I give you this stunning

After Five brand Purse/Clutch with Gold Accented Chain

Blue Rhinestoned Clasp

and Satiny matching Coin Purse from


To see more wonderful vintage items, just click on anyone of the shop links to be whisked away for a great browse and remember...

"The time to buy a vintage item is when you see it, as it will surely be gone the next time you go to buy it"


Kristin L. said...

What a great collection! I love all the details!

(HOw are you doing, Dave??)

Kat Wilson- Katsmeoww11 said...

Thanks a bunch for including one of my bags! This is a great post and I really enjoyed it...!


NeverTooOld said...

Hi Kristin,
Fancy meetin' you here. All is well here in Oregon. Hope you and yours are as well. Thanks for your kind comment and for stopping by! Have an awesome day!

NeverTooOld said...

Hey Kat,
You're very welcome and thanks for offering such a beautiful purse/clutch! Have a great day!!

lorenabr said...

These are great :)

NeverTooOld said...

Very nice to see you've stopped by and thank you for the kind comment. It was so hard to choose which I wanted to feature. Well, thanks again and hope you've a great weekend ahead!

Jean A. Wells said...

I love vintage purses too. I have a leather one that I need to do something with. It's from the 40's I believe - maybe earlier.

My current favorite accessory is dog hair - black Rottweiler dog hair to be more specific. It also doubles as a condiment at my house. said...

Those look awsome. Thanks for sharing. How are sales. I havent made any since x-mas. Sometimes I just want to give up. I have some crafts to finish up before posting anymore.