Wednesday, February 5, 2014

A Vintage Toy Passion

Collecting vintage toys has been a huge part of my adult life.  One of the greatest toys produced, arguably, have to be Mattel's "Redline" Hotwheel cars and play sets.  They appeared on the scene in 1967/68.  The first set of cars now dubbed "The Sweet Sixteen" are shown below.

They ranged from concept cars like the "Beatnik Bandit" (1) to the "Python" (16).  One of the most elusive of all vintage Redline Hotwheels is the rear loading (meaning the surfboards load through the back window) "Beach Bomb" shown below.

A couple of this particular version of cars have been sold on Ebay for well over $10,000.00 with none ever having been found in it's original packaging like the cars shown next.

Following the introduction of the cars came the sets, race sets that is.  One of the most desirable sets of all time is the "Snake vs. Mongoose" Drag Set.


Harder and harder to find these days at garage sales, thrift shops, and the likes, every now and again I happen upon a car or two and sometimes an awesome set like this ....
1968 Hot Curves Race Set in almost new condition with all the documentation, a Redline Python, and "36 Ford Coupe".  I couldn't believe my eyes and was totally beside myself, lol.  Rare are they to find in this condition unless you want to take a 2nd mortgage out on your home and buy one on Ebay.


Although HotWheels will remain my favorite of vintage toys, old slot car race sets like this Marx brand "International Race Set" come in a close second.


I'll collect and/or sell Train sets like this

1950's Marx Mechanical Wind-Up set with Engine, Tender, Gondola, and Caboose.


Some are played with, some just displayed, but all are cherished ....

Little Golden Book Dolls

Kenner's Give A Show
Projector 1968

 Yonezawa Toy Company Battery Operated Radio Controlled 1960 Cadillac Fleetline Police Patrol

Vintage Masterworks Record Player and Assortment of Vintage Children's 45 rpm Records.


From Cars to Planes to Barbie, and Games.  Hunting for, and finding vintage toys will always and forever be not only a hobby, but a passion.   I hope you've one too!



Tanjla said...

What fun to see the toys of me and my sons' youth! Great collection!

NeverTooOld said...

Hiya T! Thanks for stopping by and so happy you liked the post on toys. I could go on and on, lol. Thanks for the kind comment and I'll see ya round cyber town. Have a great day!

autena said...

A man after my own heart! I love vintage toys and still have some of mine from childhood oh those many years ago.

NeverTooOld said...

Hi Autena,
Nice to see! LOL@amamoh! hehe. I'd love to hear what toys you have from childhood, share!, LOL! Well, thanks for stopping by and hope you're enjoying a nice weekend!

vintagerecycling said...

yay awesome find on those race sets! I know the feeling..did I really just find THIS?!
happy Vday! jen

NeverTooOld said...

Hi Jen, EXACTLY! Hope you had a nice V-Day too and that you and yours have been well. Would love to see ya over at the chatwagon soon and hoping your sales are doing well. Thanks for stopping by!! Take Care!!