Sunday, October 19, 2014

Three Lives

If you had a chance to read my post titled "Nutty Buddy", the circumstances involved that day may help you to understand my thoughts and actions in relation to the story I'm about to tell as I truly believe that "things" happen for a reason and that the events of that day were a prelude of what was to come and how my actions changed three lives on this day.

A few weeks after the confrontation involving the man at the convenient store I was on my way home from work. Driving down a rural country road houses are roughly set about an acre apart from one another, some closer to the road than others. Upon approaching a section that I'll refer to as "the dip", off to the right sits a house that is a mere 75 feet from the road. One of only a few on this particular stretch of the road. As I got closer to the house I slowed my speed as I saw two boys who were'nt paying attention, running very close to the road. They were chasing each other, playing and laughing. I was concerned about their safety, so upon passing the house I pulled over in a turnout. I sat there for just a moment thinking. Thoughts of the incident at the store a few weeks earlier began to give me second thoughts. After a minute I turned off my truck, stepped out and started to walk back to the house (about 100 yards from the turnout).

As I neared the home I could hear a group of guys carrying on in somewhat of a loud and vulgar fashion, so I stopped and stood there for a moment to listen. They seemed not to be paying attention to these kids playing within earshot. I asked myself "do you really want to confront these guys?" The thought of getting beat up wasn't too appealing so I stood there a few seconds longer.  I noticed the kids were no longer running and playing outside. A couple more minutes went by, guys still carrying on, kids gone, so I thought, Okay, maybe the kids went inside or out to the back yard. I convinced myself that there was no need to get these guys rattled up, so I silently slipped away and back to my truck.  Again, I sat for a few minutes with window down. I could faintly hear the men, but didn't hear or see any sign of the boys. I started my truck, pulled onto the road and proceeded home.  A decision that ultimately changed 3 lives that day.

I live about 2 miles from that house. That evening sometime between 6 to 7 pm while sitting out on our deck I heard sirens start up. One of our fire stations is about a miles to the west, the house about 4 miles east of my home. Hearing the sound off of the sirens I could relate to what direction they were headed and just so happened to be the direction in which that house is. I thought about it for a minute, then dismissed it.

The following morning I headed off to work as usual. As I approached "the dip",  there was a line of traffic (unusual for that section of road) moving along slowly.  As I got closer to the dip I could see State Patrol cars parked on either side of the road, no lights flashing, just parked. Upon driving by, there were 4 troopers taking measurements on the road blocking the lane in the opposite direction. There were another two in the ditch, one with a camera. I began to feel this overwhelming sensation.  I couldn't drive to work fast enough.

I figured that once at work I could get on the net and pull up our local paper to read what had happened. I no sooner got in the door when my boss said "Did you hear about that kid that got killed on Brewster road?" My heart sank and I couldn't say a word. He went on to tell me that the little boy ran out into the road and was hit by a car. The driver never stopped and has not been found.

That fateful day, three lives were changed forever, the child, the hit and run driver, and mine.   

Although the feeling of guilt still encompasses my being, each day that passes I reason with it more, come to terms with it more.  Perhaps I could have changed the events of that evening, then again, perhaps not.  By sharing this, I believe it will help.


Anonymous said...

This is so full of "what if" I did or didn't. My take on this is you did the right thing. Going up against 3 men is not safe and the boys were off playing somewhere else.
Even if you would have called 911 they would have done nothing.
It is sad but it was out of your control.

NeverTooOld said...

Indeed the "what if's". It's good just to say it outloud. Thank you and I sincerely appreciate you sharing your thoughts.

Renee B said...

I can completely understand why this would bother you. It would eat away at me as well. You wouldn't be human if you didn't, but you can't go through life beating yourself up for something that you had no control over what so ever!