Monday, July 25, 2016

Rhinestone Rapture

One of my fave categories when it comes to vintage is jewelry.  From elegant statement pieces to the simple, vintage jewelry lends an allure that reflects that of old Hollywood, an elegance that has stayed generations and still remains a popular collectible for many.

This week I'd like to introduce you to an Etsy friend and jewelry shop owner who's works bring back to life these pieces from years gone by. 

a jewelry artisan, and owner of the Etsy shop

"I'm a vintage jewelry collector that loves to turn unworn vintage items into everyday statement jewelry. I use authentic vintage jewelry and everything is custom and handmade by myself. Quality vintage is always timeless, don't settle for imitation or reproduction."

Here I've an assemblage of some of my favorite of Jackie's creations that I'm excited to share.

Choker or Bib styled, this piece add elegance to your summer outfit.  It's lovely styling transcends the ages and is adjustable.  Beautiful pink pearl and copper, it's sure to be a hit.

"For The Love Of Monet"

Reminiscent of the lovely turquoise blue waters of the Bahama's, these pieces offer a subtle but scintillating effect.  Monet has always been a favorite and this set is a "Must Have" for the collector.

Here is another example of Jackie's wonderful creative works in this

Gorgeous purple rhinestones adorned and gold toned stretch-fit wrist band make this a great fit for most anyone.  A wonderful and artistically crafted piece to add to your vintage jewelry collection.

Jackie also creates pieces to accent and add eclectic elegance to your wedding day ensemble.  Here, this pair of

These vintage chandelier earrings are made of vintage pearls, rondelles, and vintage chain.  Together they create a striking and fun earring.  Perfect for the beautiful bride.

The color Amber is associated with Love, Protection, Power, Luck, and Healing.  This marvelous piece radiates all of the aforementioned.

Lovely and Romantic, no vintage jewelry collection is complete without the inclusion of a

Handcrafted with faux pearls, rhinestones, and one that would make
a perfect gift for yourself or that reflects your love for that special person.  This piece transcends the timeless quality of the vintage rhinestone.

I hope you'll stop by


to see more of Jackie's wonderful creative works


Renee B said...

Just love this feature! I am a vintage jewelry junkie! Especially rhinestone pins! JNP is one of my faves!

Jackie Paul said...

What an amazing feature I'm honored thanks for including me in your informative and interesting blog!

Dave V said...

Hi Renee!
Thanks so much for visiting and do tell, which is your faved piece of Jackie's awesome creations? Always a pleasure and honor to have you stop by!

Dave V said...

Hiya Jackie~!,
You're very welcome and was a delight to have you! Your works are marvelous and I just had to share! Dang, if I could get away with wearing that lovely purple bracelet, I would, as purple is my fave color! Thank you for allowing me the feature!

Linda S. said...

Nice feature Dave - I love this shop! Those chandelier earrings and the amber necklace are my favorites! Beautiful :)

Have a great day all. Linda

Dave V said...

Hi Linda!,
Long time! Hope all is well with you and yours! Although Jackie has so many lovely works, these were my personal faves, but if you visit her shop, you'll find so many more truly wonderful pieces. Thanks so much for the visit and your kind comments, much appreciated!

Red Rose Alley said...

Oooo, my eyes directly went to the Purple rhinestone wrist band. Do you know that Purple is my favorite color? I am mesmerized when I see it. She has such a nice collection of vintage jewelry. The pink pearl necklace is lovely also. I'll have to check out her etsy shop. I've always had a thing for beaded jewelry, so your post really spoke to me, Dave.


Dave V said...

Hi Sheri, Thanks for stopping by and it looks like we have similar taste in the color purple! That lovely bracelet is the most! All of Jackie's works are exceptionally exquisit. Thanks again for your support and for lending a kind word.

Dave V said...

Thanks to everyone who stopped by and for your kindest of comments and a special thanks to Jackie for allowing me the opportunity to share her wonderful works and being a great sport! Thank you Jackie!

Red Rose Alley said...

Thanks, Dave, for that special comment on the wedding. I am just winding down after a long weekend of wedding festivities. We were so blessed that everything went as planned and no one tripped in those high heels hahaha.

Have a beautiful weekend, friend.


Dave V said...

Oh Sheri, I'm so behind on follow up here and apologize. Yes, you all looked lovely, happy, and your pics were beautiful as always. Thanks so much for stopping by and I will be visiting your blog shortly. Have a wonderful weekend.

Dave :O)