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My featured guest is a wonderful young lady that hails from my home state of California.  I met her when I was a member of the Etsy team Vintage Vertigo and fell in love with her marvelous vintage finds shop.  Here I'd like to share with you a little about this Etsy entrepreneur, her love of family, pets, and of course, her passion for vintage.  I introduce you to...   

Jenny is the owner of the Etsy shop

Jenny or Jen, has so graciously allowed me to share with you a little about her in this interview.  I hope you enjoy.

Who is Jackpot Jen?  Can you tell us a little bit about her?

"Jackpot Jen, a vintage shop on Etsy with over 600 items, is also known as Jenny Fox Fritz, a passionate artist, dancer, collector, cook, gardener, explorer, discriminating picker and Mom of two teenage boys, our big friendly wonder dog and six chickens. I like to call myself a self driven Etsy entrepreneur who loves running my own business. I don't really consider Jackpot Jen, my vintage shop work, since it is my passion, my niche and what makes me truly happy!"

Will you walk us through a day at Jackpot Jens?

"A typical day at Jackpot Jen's always starts off with a strong cup of French pressed coffee with my hubby. Must not forget to water the garden and feed the animals. Once the chores are done, it's time to get busy renewing listing items, editing, promoting on social media, prepping for a photo shoot, photographing my latest finds, adding new items to my shop, packaging sold items and running to the post office in town, since we live out in the country. Now if it's a Friday, then without a doubt you will find me out pickin' the back roads of Amador County searching for rare, cool, weird and unique finds as soon as the sun is up. Come evening time, this girl needs a break and usually heads out for a live music show, dancing and a cold I.P.A. with her man!"

This lovely photograph was also shared on Instagram by Jenny and reminds me of a place one might have seen Laura and Mary Ingalls from "Little House" play.

What was the first item you sold on Etsy?

"The first thing I ever sold on Etsy was a 1960's green striped pullover sweater. Very Beach Boys meets My 3 Sons."

Meets Wally Cleaver!

What was your favorite item sold?

"My favorite item I've sold so far was an amazing ceramic cast mug signed by John Wayne "The Duke" from the 1955 movie "Blood Alley." It went to a collector, so it has a good home!"

What, if anything would your improve upon at Jackpot Jen's?

"I really would love to improve and upgrade my photography equipment and get a more professional photographer's set up with lighting in order to really up the quality of the items I sell. Pictures really do tell a thousand words. Something else that I think would improve my shop is to make a shop video and perhaps even start a blog. Who knows what kind of doors those two things may unlock?"

If given the opportunity, would you drive an NHRA Dragster or a circle track Nascar car?

"I wouldn't want to drive a dragster or a Winston Cup car, instead I would love an old 30's Rat Rod to cruise around in!"

Skydive, Bungee, or Base Jump, which one and why?

"Skydive. It's on my bucket list. I've always wanted to jump out of a perfectly good plane and free fall!!"

Favorite music genre or artist, why?

"At the moment, my favorite musical genre, because my taste in music evolves every 6 months, is Beats Antique, a quirky Gypsy, Tribal Fusion band which makes me want to dance and puts a huge smile on my face."

Who on Gilligan's Island do you feel you most relate to?

"I really feel I can relate to both Ginger and Mary Ann on Gilligan's Island. I love both the brains and down-home cuteness of Mary Ann and the beauty and glamour of Ginger. I'd like to think I have a little bit of both in me. Just call me Gin Ann!"

Just one of the gals!

With that, I bring us to....

I hope you've enjoyed the read and that you'll stop by Jenny's shop

Jackpot Jen

to browse all of her wonderful vintage finds that include antique, collectibles, apparel for women and men, accessories, home décor and much, much, more!


Anonymous said...

What a quirky, fun, entertaining and creative Blog. I love it. You are a fantastic and witty writer, Dave. Thank you so much for the feature. Cheers, Jen

Anonymous said...

What a great write-up! What a cool shop! When you love what you do, it never really feels like work! Keep it up!

Sutter Creek, CA

Dave V said...

Hiya Jen, Thanks for your kind comment! It was fun and an honor for me! It had been a while since I did an interview styled post and I'm so happy you obliged, so thanks for being a good sport in finding my quirkiness, well, quirky, hahaha!

Dave V said...

Hiya Sutter Creek, You're absolutely right! Thanks a ton for the kind comment and visit as I'm glad you enjoyed.

Dave aka Blockie

Linda S. said...

What a great feature! So fun getting to Jen a bit better - I always loved that shop name. Nice to "see" you again Blockie - hope all is well!

Linda :)

Dave V said...

Dear Linda, yes it is so nice to see/read you as well, lol! Glad you stopped by and I know Jenny will appreciate it as I. It's a pleasure knowing Jen and she has a great sense of humor. I especially enjoyed this interview and hope to feature more of you in the future. Thanks so much for stopping by and hope you've a fantastic week ahead.


Anonymous said...

You're a peach, Linda. Thanks for your kind words. Dave is a great wordsmith and creative guy who also has a super fun sense of humor!

Lizzy said...

I just loved this feature - so much fun learning more about our good friend Jackpot Jen!! Great job Dave, you are a wonderfully clever guy!

Dave V said...

Hi Mary-Lou, It was delightful having Jen as a feartured guest, but moreso as a great Etsy friend. It really is the wonderful and talented ladies that help make this blog so interesting and I am honored they've allowed me to share a bit about each, every single one of them. Thanks a bunch for your visit and kind comments.


Anonymous said...

Thanks so much, Lizzy. You are a great team mate and yes, Dave does a great job with his Blog!

Red Rose Alley said...

What a beautiful picture of nature. Yes, it does look like a place that Mary and Laura would play. I'll tell you something, Dave.....I watch Little House on the Prairie re-runs all the time. They're great. The Tribal Fusion band caught my eye, as I'm a bit of a gypsy myself. I'll have to look that up. :)


Dave V said...

Hi Sheri, Yes, Jenny's pic lends to serenity, peacefulness, and nature at it's most simple, a place just like Walnut Grove. I just happened to have the complete series of "Little House" on CD, love every episode.

Jenny's mention of Tribal Fusion led me to read more about it and it's pretty awesome the mix of styles that comprise the modern dance. Jenny's pretty fascinating and I enjoyed creating this feature with her. Thanks Jenny!

Thank you Sheri for your visit and comment as is always a pleasure. I hope you've a great weekend and look forward to your next post!