Saturday, April 3, 2010


Grab the popcorn, a drink, a pillow and head for the closet, cuz it's time for Kenner's Give-A-Show Slide Projector!! I have such great memories of playing with this toy and remember my sister and I would set the stage. Pillows, Cheese-Itz, and a can of Springfield soda. We'd cram into one of the bedroom closets as this provided the darkest and most open and free wall space available in the house. There we'd sit scrunched, knees to our chins, barely able to breath. "Who we gonna watch first"? Fred & Barney or Magilla Gorilla? Quick Draw McGraw or Tennessee Tuxedo? Each would have a turn, 1 slide at a time. We'd marvel at how they looked just like the cartoons, each would read the captions in his/her slide. We gave a show til the give a show's projector's batteries ran outta juice. What seemed like hours were probably only minutes. We didn't care, time was of no essence to us. It was just so much fun to box ourselves in the closet and have our very own "movie" theater.

This 1966 set featured includes the projector and 16 slide films of which there are 112 frames to view. The projector is in excellent condition and still operates perfectly. The set also comes with an additional box of 6 slides with 42 frames. The slides have warped slightly over the years but are still viewable.

This set will soon be available to purchase from my Esty shop as I am downsizing my toy collection and will be offering it at a very reasonable price.

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