Thursday, July 8, 2010


I try to think of things to say,
And yet I said them yesterday.
For yesterday I had told you,
In my heart I hold you true.
Now if I said the same again,
My words would be the same as then.
I try to think of something new,
Yet somehow never manage to.
I told you yesterday I miss you,
Today I miss you even more,
But you have heard that all before.
I try to think, yet not a word
But ones I've said and ones you've heard
For yesterday while thoughts of you
I know I told you all was true
Yet all that I can think to say.....

Is what I told you yesterday.



Umma crafty squirrel said...

I especially LOVE this one. It's such a heartfelt poem. You should def look into getting it published, I know I would love to have this in print.

NeverTooOld said...

Hi Umma, Thanks soo much for visiting and for your kind comments. Please feel free to copy the poem for your personal use. Have a great week and thanks again!!