Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Jersey Holds This Friend Of Mine

My poem is written, designed to show
A friend of mine who can't ignore
Our visits be them short or long
Seem Always take a turn of wrong.

I leave with blank thought in my head
Yet as I go, your typed chat says
What makes me stop to think and wonder

Your sarcastic words wont keep me under.

Then again as that was said
Another comment strikes me dead
Yet not that I have died from that

But once again you revive my chat.

I smile, laugh, and say in joke
That you've an attitude unprovoked
My patience that of which you test
Is often done with poke or jest.

Is this how you incite a rise?
You'll find you've met your demise

No, I am not as weak in heart
As you may think or can outsmart.

For I have been around a while

So take this time in which to smile
To wait and listen, but not resign...

Jersey holds this friend of mine.



MusicTalk.com said...

so sad, very tragic, yet beautiful words.

NeverTooOld said...

Hi MT.com, Thanks for your visit and kind words. The poem is actually meant as a compliment to a friend in Jersey. I appreciate your visit and comments. All The Best.