Thursday, April 29, 2010

Those Vintage Clutches, Handbags, and Purses

Here is a vintage item that I've been fond of for years and one of which I do collect and one of which my niece refers to as my "pretties" collection, lol.  Vintage clutches, handbags, and purses.  Yes, you can have Coco, Coach, Prada, or Louis, but to have a wonderful vintage beaded evening clutch is something else.  Unlike the purses mentioned above, these can be found with very affordable prices and in such a vast array of designs, styles, and materials which can suit most any budget or flavor.

 From the elegant beaded evening purses

to the super cool stylings of a designer Theodore of Hollywood patent leather evening clutch


or the exotic beaded and sequined cocktail clutch by La Regale

it's the craftsmanship and quality in these accessories that have endured the test of time.

No two bags are alike. You can have your choice of colors, materials, and fabrics. Perhaps a glittery gold bag is of to your liking?

A nice vintage clutch, handbag, or purse is sure to draw attention and will provide a cause for conversation. So next time your out and about browsing your local thrift store, garage sale, or estate sale, keep an eye out for these accessories that are normally passed over as the one you see may be the one that starts your collection!!


Saturday, April 17, 2010

Aim For The Moon! A CountryMoon

I dig it when I come a cross a new shop and/or new Etsy member as it makes me want to start laying down words to let all that read know of this wonderful shop and owner.  This happens to be one of those shops.  CountryMoonBoutique is new to Etsy, however owner Joy is not.  An exceptional and wonderful woman who takes pride in the leather works and fine silver jewelry pieces she sells.  She is without a doubt one of the sweetest people I've had the pleasure to meet here on Etsy.  She has a knack for photography as is displayed in her items presentations and banner.

Presented at left is one example of the quality leather works of which is currently listed in her Etsy boutique.  This Beautiful all leather Handcrafted Hummingbirds and Flowers Checkbook Cover has been carved, tooled , embossed, and hand painted. 

All of Joy's magnificent pieces are one of a kind genuine leather creations that have been handcrafted by a leather craftsman who had over 50 years experience in the trade.  His workmanship reflects his keen-eye for detail in his brilliantly and beautifully created embossing which bring to life his designs.  His leather works and creations have sold worldwide.

Joy's pieces are presented through her photographic skills which are reflected as shown here.  She offers a variety of silver pieces and most, if not all are also one of a kind.  I've had the pleasure of seeing her some of her items in person and are every bit as they appear in her photos.

Joy is a pleasure to work with and will make you feel as if you're dealing with an old friend.  She enjoys what she does, is courteous, professional, and will see your order through from start to finish to provide you with a wonderful CountryMoonBoutique experience.

You can visit her shop by clicking on the shop name in the column to the right or copy and paste the following link to your browser: 

Aim for the moon!  A Country Moon Boutique!!

Sunday, April 11, 2010


I'd like to share with you a recent find of mine of which I toiled over as to purchase or not.  Here is a very old battery operated pressed steel trolley.  Yes, the old gals seen better days, but she's not all in that bad of shape.  Her innards have been removed, she's lost her luster and basically left to rest on wooden blocks.  Ah ha!, but alas, allow for one who has the talent and the skills to renovate her.  To bring new life and purpose to.  To transform this nicely rust coated piece of steel into something utilitarian.  Perhaps a lamp?  Mailbox?  With a world full of wonderful artisans one could not help but to imagine what lovely conversation piece she could be reincarnated into?

Imagine for one moment if you will...

A mantel lamp...

Perhaps a walkway lamp...

A deck lamp.....

The possibilities are endless and only goes to show that true vintigicity 
is NEVERTOOOLD to be appreciated.

Graphic Enchantment

Welcome to Enchanted Memories.  I'd like to introduce you to Barbie, graphics design artist and shop owner of Enchanted Memories Graphic Designs on   Barbie specializes in creating custom shop packages, illustrated Etsy graphics,  and a variety of graphic design solutions.   Her design skills include but are not limited to:

Custom Digital Logo Designs

Custom Etsy banners

Custom Web Ads

Custom Business Card Designs

Custom Product Tags and Labels

Custom Blog Design

Custom Web Banners

Custom Headers

Enchanted Memories creations include custom illustrated and modern designs and Barbie welcomes any challenge!!  As she puts it " There is no job too big or small and if you are looking for cute you are at the right place!"   So, if you're in the market to upgrade your shops appearance, start advertising your business, or just want to add a bit of professional graphics flair to your shop or web banner, sit down with Barbie and plot out your Enchanted Memories today!!

Here is what satisfied customers have to say about EnchantMemories:

"Barbie created an awesome line sheet for me. Exactly what I wanted. Thanks!"

"Excellent customer service. Made sure I was completely happy with the outcome. Would recommend to anyone looking to revamp their store."

"Love my Blog button. Enchanted Memories is so great to work with."

To visit Enchanted Memories shop, just click on the shop name in the column on the right

Saturday, April 3, 2010


Grab the popcorn, a drink, a pillow and head for the closet, cuz it's time for Kenner's Give-A-Show Slide Projector!! I have such great memories of playing with this toy and remember my sister and I would set the stage. Pillows, Cheese-Itz, and a can of Springfield soda. We'd cram into one of the bedroom closets as this provided the darkest and most open and free wall space available in the house. There we'd sit scrunched, knees to our chins, barely able to breath. "Who we gonna watch first"? Fred & Barney or Magilla Gorilla? Quick Draw McGraw or Tennessee Tuxedo? Each would have a turn, 1 slide at a time. We'd marvel at how they looked just like the cartoons, each would read the captions in his/her slide. We gave a show til the give a show's projector's batteries ran outta juice. What seemed like hours were probably only minutes. We didn't care, time was of no essence to us. It was just so much fun to box ourselves in the closet and have our very own "movie" theater.

This 1966 set featured includes the projector and 16 slide films of which there are 112 frames to view. The projector is in excellent condition and still operates perfectly. The set also comes with an additional box of 6 slides with 42 frames. The slides have warped slightly over the years but are still viewable.

This set will soon be available to purchase from my Esty shop as I am downsizing my toy collection and will be offering it at a very reasonable price.

Friday, April 2, 2010

"In A World Of High Tech Confusion...

It's Nice To Know That Still Hand Writes Notes"

In this light speed world of blogging, emails, convos, IM'ng etc era, it is nice to have artisans who craft such wonderful pieces of art in the form of their greeting and special occasion cards for which one can use to send a personalized message the old fashioned way. Here I have featured two shops who's owners produce some of the loveliest cards I've seen. I've had the pleasure of purchasing from both and cannot say enough about the quality and care they take in producing, presenting, and providing a marvelous product and customer service. Micque1977 and Imeondesign are two Etsy shops who fit the aforementioned to a T.


While browsing the Etsy shops one nite (I think I was in a chat room, lol) I came across a lovely little shop with the subtitle "Unfinished Touches", meaning cards are often left blank and although some cards are marked for certain occasions, there is usually something not quite finished about them allowing you to put the "finishing touch" to the card, sweet!!

It was the beautiful banner of a butterfly perched upon a lavender colored flower that caught my eye. Upon browsing the first page I knew this was a shop that I would have to browse further. Well organized, a great announcement, and lovely presentation of her creations captured my attention. As I browsed through the first page, I had to go on to the next, and so on. I was very impressed at the attention to detail this shop owner put into her listings. The shop just has a clean, crisp feel to it. She offers her cards in seasonal catagories and with every 4 you purchase, you get 1 free of your choosing with unlimited free cards per 4 card purchase, wow. I placed my order and when received was very happy as her attention to care and package the cards was impeccable. I could go on and on, but you'll have to see for yourself as you won't go wrong purchasing from MICQUE1977 and I most certainly believe you will be as impressed as I with the quality, care, and customer service you'll receive.

Have a look at what some of MICQUE1977's customers have to say:

"SO NICE!!! Very professional looking LOVE IT!!"

"Great seller! Beautiful card! Thank you! I will be back for sure!"

"This card was gorgeous. The detail put into this card is a good reason to keep viewing your cards. Thanks again for a smooth transaction."

Copy and paste the link below to your browser:

or click on the link in the column to the right.


Another Pacific Northwest artisan of superbly crafted, creatively presented, and expertly packaged hand made paper creations, special occasion/greeting, and custom made cards.

Imeon, which is Noemi spelled backwards, is the owner of this wonderful and whimsical Etsy shop. Noemi takes pride in her hand made creations of which reflect her passion for the craft. A very pleasant easy going gal who puts "all the right stuff" into her cards, paper creations, and custom orders.

I am a big fan of butterflies and that being said, I found a wonderfully hand cut 3 dimensional butterfly in my fave color of yellow that I had to have. Once ordered my card arrived very well protected and was far lovelier than pictures could present (that's not to take away from Neomi's stellar photographs). Upon using the card for it's intended purpose of a special occasion, I thot the card was so beautiful I had to find a picture frame for it, a VINTAGE picture frame of which is presented in the photo here.

So, take a moment to sit down and send a personal greeting to someone with a note, message, letter, or paper art from Imeondesign. I'm certain you will find that perfect hand made gift for that perfect occasion and that you will definately bring smile to it's recipient :o).

Here are just a few of the comments left by Imeondesign's customers:

"The FINEST invitations. I am so pleased. She is so professional, kind and helpful...not to mention TALENTED. Could not be happier with my purchase! Thank you so very much!"

"One of the sweetest sellers Ive met. So thoughtful, friendly, and just a joy to buy from. These were amazing. Unique, packaged so delicate and beautifully in a simple sweet way. They sit right below my monitor on my desk. They always make me so happy :). My fiance never took his, i think hes scared his coworkers will laugh at a pink fortune cookie on his desk, but oh well. Its a girl thing ;) Fast shipping, highly recommend. Beautiful cards as well. You know ill be back !"

"Thank you so very much for your lovely card! I am sure the recipient will be as delighted as I am!"

Copy and paste the link below:

Or just click on the link in the right column

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Be A Friend

I'm a huge fan of Snoopy (who isn't right?) and found this puzzle recently while bargain junq'n. It's an awesome vintage 1958 14" x 11" 8 piece jigsaw puzzle titled "Be A Friend" for kids ages 2-5. It was produced by Playskool. Not every kid under the age 5 can remember Charlie Brown's name, but I bet ya 99% of em can remember who Snoopy is! Snoopy the fun lovin, carefree, WWII fighter Ace, ya, that's my fave role of his many!! A super piece for the vintage Peanuts, Charlie Brown, or Snoopy fan and can be found in my Etsy shop. To have a closer look just click on the link located to the right under "NeverTooOld" and enjoy browsing!

When It Comes To Clay, Michelle Can Play

One of my all time fave Etsy Shops, MichellesClayCorner. What a wonderful Etsian and friend. Courteous, charming, and professional. Her figurines are very well presented and each page of her shop lends to the next. Not only are Michelles polymer clay figurines adorable, they are exceptionally priced for the quality of work she puts into them. I personally ordered a custom and was so thrilled when I receive. Wonderfully detailed, beautifully crafted, and she takes superb care in packaging to help insure your figurine gets to you safely. Her capabilities seem limitless having seen the variety of figurines she's created thus far. Michelle's my "go-to" gal for cake toppers, holiday, and awesomely crafted custom figurines. So stop by MichellesClayCorner for a delightfully whimsical browse of her creative works and I'm certain you'll leave with a smile :o).

Listen to what Etsians are saying about MichellesClayCorner:

"Very cute bunny!! Fast shipping, wonderful customer service. :) Will do business many more times in the future!!"

"Michelle was super easy to work with and I had a custom piece in less than a week! It doesn't get better than that!!"

"The cake topper turned out so much better than I had imagined and it's all due to Michelle's great communication skills and taking the time to work with me. Greatly appreciated! I can't wait to surprise my grandmother with it at her birthday party, so far EVERYONE has loved it! Thanks Michelle, you are the best!"

copy and paste the link below:

or click on MichellesClayCorner in the righthand column to visit her shop!