Friday, March 11, 2011

Crime Scene

The morning started off great with a team of 5-0's blocking off the street for a drug raid.  Made me late getting the granddot to school so I stopped to ask one of the officer's if he'd write me a note so that she'd not get a tardy slip and I'd not get a phone call...

The officer standing point didn't think I was funny so I didn't get the note, but got the slip and moments ago the call.




kziegler said...

thats bullcrap. he couldve at least given you some baseball cards or something... :P

NeverTooOld said...

Hi K,

LOL! No kidding, even one of sticky back Sheriff's badges, sheesh!

Thanks for the visit and funny comment, love it. Have a good weekend!

Countrymoonboutique said...

LMBO!!! ;D

Dave...You're to funny for words!!!

What's with them anyways...can't one of them of given ya a break...I'm with ya...the Sheriff was the one that caused ya to be late--- what was the problem to..write on a pad~already???>>Sheeshhhhhh! Just a bit~tie note is all!!!! Holy~Cowser!

Then!>>>To top~it off...what's with the school system these days...sheeshsssss! Note~Happy??? They can't even take a laa-git..excuse? Then Call-Happy Too!
There are more needs in that school to think of to do...other then that...good grief!

Wishing you & your's pleasent weekend and week ahead being surround with Smily~faces & Happy~People!

tweetey30 said...

Wow and I thought our neighborhood was bad.. We have those icky peoples living behind us but dont associate with them much.. the kiddies play together once in a great great great while.. I wont let them in my house. I am afraid they will walk out with so mostly summer time they get together..

NeverTooOld said...


Thanks for the visit and your comments. All is ok as the story was run in local paper and I know the tardy will be dismissed, lol. Proof in black and white! HA! Thanks again!

NeverTooOld said...

Hi Tweetey,

Was actually a mother and daughter living at the house. The daughter was arrested for possession of heroine. You'd a thot was a meth lab or major drug bust by the whole police force shown, lol. Thanks for the visit and I hope your neighborhood is not truly that bad, eeek! Hope you've a good week!

CMB said...

Well, Got to say one thing..You must feel safe when anything is to happen they are right on top of things...Their Ready!!!!

Glad all end well! ;)

NeverTooOld said...

Hiya CMB,

Yeah, that's one thing for sure, the cities finest are on the scene in a matter of moments! Thanks for visiting and have a good week!