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This weeks featured seller is yet another of these wonderful women who not only hold down a full time job, keep up a household, but also manage to run a successful Etsy shop.  On top of managing the aforementioned, she's found time to enjoy one of her passions, Roller Derby!  It just amazes me how multi-faceted, multi-task oriented this and many many other woman are.  I've a sincere admiration for each one and it gives me great pleasure to share with you a little about another.  I would like to introduce to you my good friend and fellow Etsian....


Kristin is owner of the Etsy store....


I hope you get to learn a little about Kristin and enjoy her interview.

Share with us a little about the person behind the scenes at KatieBird Studio.

My name is Kristin. I've been artistic and imaginative for as long as I can remember! At the very impressionable age of 13, I went to Disney World for the first time and got to see animators working on Disney movies (when they used to have animators in Florida!) Then and there I decided to become an animator.

Well, that didn't come to fruition, but I did practice drawing a lot!
I rediscovered drawing a few years ago when I found some awesome YouTube videos about Art Journaling. I've been addicted to art and mixed media ever since! I just wish I could find more time to do it!! 

Can you tell us how you came about the name for your shop?

Hey! It's Patrick!!

Initially, when I wanted to start on Etsy, I poured over shop names. I came up with Purple Starfish Designs,

but it was so long. I gave up on Etsy for a while. When I decided, finally, to open my shop (after losing my job), I wanted a new name. Again, I struggled to find a meaningful name that wasn't taken and would encompass anything I might want to sell.


Well, my husband and I

have three cats.

They are my babies. One of them, I named Katie (she has the most normal name of the three).
My husband and I had started calling her Katiebird because when she wants something or is happy she make a little chirping sound- like a very short meow! I looked it up on Etsy, and found a few stores with Katiebird in the name, but none with Studio. That is how it happened. That is also why there is a picture of a cat in my banner. That's my Katiebird!


How long have you been creating paintings and cards?

I've been making cards for many, many years. I used to be a big scrapbooker. I loved it, but it took a lot of time to get my layouts just right. It started frustrating me, and I sorta just stopped scrapbooking. However, through scrapbooking, I rediscovered stamping.

That's when I started going to Stampin' Up demonstrations.

 There, I started making cards. They were like little-bitty layouts that were finished quickly. I started playing around and making cards probably around 2002. I would give my cards away, and everyone loved them. People started looking forward to having a birthday or celebration just to get a card from me. It was exciting. I was hooked. I've always loved to make people smile, and this was the perfect way to do so.

I discovered my painting ability in 2008 when I discovered Tam aka Willowing on YouTube. I started watching her art videos, and learning from what she did. Then, she started offering online classes. I've taken many of her courses, and I've learned a great deal about creating mixed media pieces. I love doing it! I go through phases though where I love to work on my paintings every spare second, and then, other times, they sit, neglected, for months. It is a strange cycle, but it works for me!


Do you have a favorite media to work with?

Since I really do two very different forms of art, I have a variety of media I prefer. For cards, generally cardstock, patterned paper, stamps, ink, and embellishments of all kinds. For my mixed media pieces, I'll try anything once, but mostly, I use water-soluble crayons, acrylic paints, tissue paper, bubble wrap, acrylic gel mediums, watercolors, confetti, pattern paper, stamps and ink. . .whatever strikes my fancy at the moment!

Any advise you could give to someone wanting to open an Etsy shop?

DO IT! Don't wait! You will have your ups and downs. You'll learn a lot about your art and yourself. You will see what sells. Don't get discouraged! Sales will come. . .but the most important thing: Advertise yourself. . .be it through Etsy chat, facebook, twitter. . .whatever. Get yourself out there. Talk about your shop on your blog. . .give away your stuff or try to sell it locally as well. Just GET OUT THERE!


A lil fun?....

One word that best describes you?

Hmm. . .I posted it on facebook, and I'm awaiting an answer. . . can I get back to you on this?

I'll give ya one.... "FASINATING"


Do you sample produce at the grocery store?

Nope. Can't stand it when I see people 'sampling' the grapes! Hello!!!!! Someone is going to buy those! This isn't a grazing zone! UGH!

What if it was a grape snackin kitty?

If told you had to, would you bungee jump or base jump?
Kristin are you sure?

Hmm. . .I guess if I HAD to, I would choose Base Jumping. Seems to be less impact . . .just floating down with a parachute. Gosh, I hope mine would open!


I've been here mentally, but never physically!  Simply beautiful!
Where's the farthest destination you've been away from home?

Mentally or Physically? I guess Physically, the farthest away from home I've been is Montego Bay, Jamaica on my honeymoon. That was the most fantastic trip!


If I looked under your bed, what would I find?

A colony of dust bunnies and, occasionally, one of my cats!

Don't leave any books on Jamaica either!

Anything you'd like to add?

Aside from my art, I love to bake, take photographs, and do Roller Derby with Assassination City Roller Derby @


We hope you've enjoyed Kristin's interview and hope you stop by her Etsy shop  KATIEBIRD STUDIO  for a visit.  You can also find Kristin's blog at....
 Kristin for your
 time working with
me on this interview!



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