Thursday, May 5, 2011


The bird proudly willing to burn,
So that she may live again,
Chooses the flames of fires
That burn the aged Phoenix
The nature stands still
Till a new young bird starts again,
and begins the legend of the Phoenix

                                          - Claudian

This weeks featured artisan is a talented and creative women who's found through her art, a re-birth.   Reborn anew to create again and prosper.   I hope this Phoenix will inspire you as she has me.

I introduce you to....

and my Etsy friend....

 I was delighted when she graciously accepted my request for this interview.  We hope you enjoy and get to know a little more about Rebecca and....

Let me begin by asking you to share with us a little about yourself, who is the force behind Phoenix Art Studio?

I’m the sort of person who just has to create. It doesn’t matter what the medium is really as long as I’m creating something. I have a BFA in Illustration and an MFA in Costume Design, but I have dabbled in puppetry, mosaics, jewelry making, crocheting, the art of bonsai, belly dancing and I sing in the choir at my church. I love learning new things!

This is just who I am, but the driving force behind me would be God. Without Him I wouldn’t have the drive to push forward through the many obstacles that I’ve had to face. He’s there during the times when my art fails me.

Who or what inspired you to become an artist?

I suppose that it would have to be my dad. He used to be pretty creative and artsy when I was a baby and I suppose that it rubbed off on me. I have been creating and drawing ever since I first learned how to hold a crayon/pencil in my hand so there wasn’t any defining “aha” moment when I realized that I wanted to be an artist. It’s as natural to me as breathing.


Do you have a favorite medium or other media of which you like to work with?

I used to, but I’ve played with so many different mediums that I really don’t have a favorite anymore. With jewelry I typically work in polymer and with my art it just sort of depends on the piece that I’m drawing/painting. I find that usually I end up with a mixed media piece because I start grabbing all sorts of mediums to use on a piece instead of sticking to just one.

Any advise you can give to an up and coming artist?

It’s something that I struggle with myself, but you must be your own inner fire. You can’t rely on others to give you the passion that you need to persevere. That can only come from within yourself. Trust me, you’ll want to quit after you get a bad critique or you feel like your work isn’t going anywhere. It will be that inner fire that will get you through it.



Let's have a bit of fun....

If I asked your best friend, how would he/she describe you in one word?

I had NO IDEA how to answer this one so I actually asked my friends. Some of the words that they came up with were classy, kind-hearted and remarkable. I think that they were just being sweet, but those are very nice words that make me feel good about myself so I’ll just leave them. LOL.

The true measure of love is not how much you love,
but by how much you are loved by others

If you were a Peanuts character, which would you be and why?

Snoopy. He loves food, friends and just life in general. I would have said Schroeder because he’s so creative, but he’s also a bit too narrow minded for me.

I think Lucy would agree with you Rebecca!

I like to create, but I also like to have a life outside of my artwork.


^ Pick the Seadoo pick the Seadoo! ^
If told you had to ride one, which would you select, 

a Seadoo

or Skidoo?

I know that I live in Florida, but sadly I have no idea what the difference is between the two. I think that would just jump off either of those and....

             ride a porpoise.


If I looked in your fridge right now what would I find?

Fruits, veggies, turkey, the usual. Nothing too odd except for some homemade olive tapenade. I tend to eat pretty healthily and drink mostly water. I do, however, have a penchant for good loose teas and Nutella. I could, and do, eat Nutella with a spoon. Yum!

Gotta Love It!!
Have you ever won a trophy?

Once for a science fair project. You typically don’t get trophies for art related things. Something that I think should be changed....

"And the winner of this years best painting goes to...."

I could't agree with you more Rebecca.  It has a ring to it!


and lastly....

Do you sing in the shower?
I used to,

A stunt double was used for this image
but I feel pretty certain that my neighbors can hear me through the wall and since I typically take a shower pretty late I don’t want to wake them up! Instead I belt songs really, really loudly in my car. 
If you'd like to see more of Rebecca's wonderful creative works and to learn more about Rebecca, you can visit her at any of the links below....
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Thanks for stopping by and we hope you've enjoyed the read! 
A special
 to Rebecca!


lorenabr said...

lovely shops! Was great to check them out! Nice job!

NeverTooOld said...

Hi Lorena,
Thank you so much for the visit and I'm sure these wonderful artisans will appreciate your kindest of comments! Always a pleasure having you drop by and hope to see you around the chatsy neighborhood soon!

AbunchofScrap said...

You know I love this seller! Great gal to feature. It's about time

NeverTooOld said...

Hi Bunchy,

She soooo is, only wish I could draw more peeps in to get to know her and her shop and works. Is always awesome to see you and you've always the kindest things to say, Thank you! Hope to see you round the chatsy neighborhood soon and thanks for the visit.

Rebecca said...

You are truly amazing Dave. Thank you so very very much! said...

awsome interview Dave. Just awsome. I will have to check out her work later on. I need to go get some stuff done before my weekend ends.. TAlk soon..

NeverTooOld said...

Hi Rebecca,
Knowing such interesting and talented people like you and being able to share a lil about who you are is what's truly amazing to me. Thanks so much and I'm so happy you liked the post! Have a great weekend and always look forward to seeing and chatting with you.

NeverTooOld said...

Hi Bri,
Thanks so much for the visit and kind comments as always and I know Rebecca sincerely appreciates your visit as well. I hope you and yours have a super weekend and yes, hope to talk soon!

Kristin Long said...

What beautiful artwork, Rebecca! I love your drawing/painting style. Your jewelry is gorgeous, too!

Great write up, Dave!

NeverTooOld said...

Hi Kristin!,
Thanks for stopping by and what lovely comments you've for Rebecca! Thank you for the visit and always a pleasure!!

kneesandpaws said...

Great interview! I enjoyed how lighthearted and fresh the conversation was, made delightful with the graphics and pictures. I've often wanted to read and comment more here but I'm having a little trouble reading your text with the black background. I'm sorry to mention it here but as you've been so generous to visit me on my blog and to make comments regularly, I wanted to return this kindness. Maybe the problem is with my monitor and no fault of yours. So I'm sorry!

NeverTooOld said...

Hi KnP's,

Thank you so much for the visit and kind comments. I've heard the same from one other on the text/background issue. I'm trying to resolve, but I just love the black bg the best, ugghs. Please by all means do let me know specifically as this will help me to determine how to potentially fix. I see it clear as day and may be a monitor issue, but still willing to work on it so that anyone enjoys. Thanks again sooo much and will try to improve. All The Best!

Little Bitty Knitter said...

Haha, just loved the shower section of this article, ;D

NeverTooOld said...

Hiya LBK,
LOL, I especially like her reply of "Instead I belt songs really, really loudly in my car", I could almost see her sittin in the car next to me doing so! lol. Thanks for stopping by and see ya round the chatsy neighborhood.