Sunday, June 19, 2011


I think of you everyday, yet not as a figment,
But as my dad, my mentor, a loving parent.
Your laugh, jokes, and smile is something I long,
to see you in pictures, you've made me be strong.

I think of things to say, I should have asked then,
how wonderful would it be to see you again.
I've questions that forever will linger in my thoughts,
if just for one moment, to me you could be brought.

Although you are gone I have you through some others,
they of whom you gave to me, those who are my brothers.
I cannot talk to you direct, though something I do,
is when I speak to each of them, I also speak with you.

So I hope that on this day for Fathers,
that heaven's held a special place in your honor.
As you were my pillar, my strength, my backstop,
A father, A Dad, A friend, and My Pops.

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