Thursday, February 9, 2012

A Tale Of Two Tickets

After over 35 years of driving without a single traffic violation or ticket (well, there have been a few violations, without the ticket as no coppers were around at that moment, teehee.) I received not one, but two tickets yesterday, ugh! 

I was running errands and while I keep my cell phone with me at all times I never (ok, rarely) use it while driving.  I'm one of those guys that even with a bluetooth device I'm liable to crash into something.  I'm the type of guy who can't talk on a phone (landline) and listen to a conversation as I'll lose what both are saying, the one on the phone and the one trying to talk to me, lol.

Well, I was downtown and approaching a traffic light that had just turned red.  As I came to a stop my phone rang.  Normally I would have just let it ring then looked at who had called after I reached my destination, but nooooooo, I answered it (knowing this light takes FOREVER to change).  At the very moment I answered it, a police officer on bicycle (BICYCLE!!) came around the corner, saw me on the phone and rode straight up to my window.  I closed the phone, rolled down the window and politely said "hello officer" (more like "What?").  Cordials were'nt gonna cut it with this copper, he said to me "When the light turns green I want you to pull over by the curb across the street".  Without another word (having the right to remain silent ya know) I rolled up my window and looked blankly at the red traffic light. 

The light turned green and for a split second I thought "He's on a bike, I can out run him".  Then I envisioned myself in a gawd-awlful chase with helicopters and squad cars reminiscent of the OJ chase of '94.

I pulled over.

Through my sideview mirror I could see the law abiding officer walk his bike across the crosswalk, park it behind my truck, and begin to walk towards me.  I knew my ____ was in a ringer.  Without hesitation, he said "license, registration, proof of insurance".  I handed him my license, then the registration, and at the moment I went to give him my insurance card I realized that my new card was sitting on the counter at home and I could hear my wife saying "Here, you NEED to put this in your truck".  I thought, 2 outta 3 ain't so bad, right?  WRONG!  The officer returned to the cab and started to recite the laws "The State of Oregon requires motorists to carry proof of insurance in their vehicles at all times.  The fine for failure to provide proof of insurance is a max $260.00", I gave you the max" (I thought aren't I special).  He went on, "The operation a vehicle while using a communications device is a misdemeanor and the fine is $110.00" (there goes 2 rounds of golf!).  "Do you have any questions for me sir?" (again with the right to remain silent treatment) I just shook my head.  "You have a pleasant day sir".  For a split second (I think in those split seconds often) I thought about backing up over his bike, but somehow the picture I drew in my head of sitting in that jail cell awaiting arraignment just didn't look or feel good.
 Lesson learned.


potterygirl1 said...

Murphys Law! The one time you answer the phone there is a copper!
Sorry this happened to you:( But I did love the way you told the story!

NeverTooOld said...

Hi Ingrid,
Yeah I know huh? The one time! It's ok though, enjoyed writing the story. Thanks for your kind comments. I kinda wish the tickets woulda been for like burnin' donuts, or speeding or something BOLD like that, a cell phone, pffft! LOL!!

Bead Cactus said...

Bad boys, bad boys whatcha gonna do?
Whatcha gonna do when they come for you?
Bad boys, bad boys whatcha gonna do?
Whatcha gonna do when they come for you?

How are you going to plead?

NeverTooOld said...

Hiya Bead!

Policeman gimme no breaks! My plea: The 5th and reserve my right to remain silent :o|

Oh and pay the fine :o(

Thanks for the tune, now it's stuck in my head, lol

ticc said...

Hi ya NeverTooOld!!
Oh my, cops are never around when you need them, but seem to be there when you don't. Sorry about you run in with the law, but the story was such a cute one. :O) Hope all is well. Have a wonderful day and a great weekend!!!

martinisfor2 said...

i know how you feel. you must have been near a donut shoppe! i was on my way to a shop with some of my jewelry pieces...of course my mind was on selling them and possibly finding more treasures in the antique mall on the way home. alas, there they were, the almost daily, end of the month speed trap. i travel this road to work 4 times a week at 5:30am so they're not there. on the way home i do see the unfortunate souls pulled over as i head the other way luckily divided by a median. this day, however, it was 10am. the cop jumped out and as you said...that split second thought hits your brain. i pulled over to accompany the other mustangs...getting the picture here??? the older officer came over and appologies spew from my mouth accompanied by the look of fear on my in how do i explain this one to my husband and there goes my treasure money. i think he thought the tears would come next and probably didn't want to deal with that. i luckily drove off with only a warning which is now hanging on the wall of my studio as a reminder...or maybe a talisman...i'm not sure. sorry yours did not have a happier ending...


NeverTooOld said...

Hi Susan,
In the famous words of the Cowardly Lion "aint that the truth, ain't that the truth!" hehe. A lesson learned for me, lol! Thanks for stopping by and for the kind comments as always and hope you're enjoying the weekend.

NeverTooOld said...

Hi LuAnn,
Oh I know, so many times to see the unfortunate souls pulled over by the fuzz only to be placed in that same scenario. S'all good cuz I was considering pulling out the ole' phone to try and win concert tickets to Lady Anabellum that a local radio station was giving away. Now I'd just buy them as it would be much less expensive, HA! Thanks for dropping by and hope you've having a great weekend. PS: I'm gonna hang my ticket above this desk as you've done, hehe.

kneesandpaws said...

While I was scanning down through the posts I've missed, the last picture with the bars and the delightful commode caught my eye. I'm so thankful that wasn't reserved for you!

NeverTooOld said...

Hi Jennifer,
You and I both! I do however have one seat awaiting me and am very curious as to what cell phone ed has to offer. Hope you've a nice day and thanks for stopping by.