Thursday, February 23, 2012

Two Tickets Update

After receiving the two citations I wrote about a few weeks ago I decided to submit a written plea and explanation on each of the two counts.  I received response from the Municipal Court Judge yesterday.  Here were his findings....

Count 1:  Failure to provide proof of insurance.

Verdict:  DISMISSED!

Count 2:  Operating a motorvehicle while using a communication device.


Cell Phone Class!!

I had no idea.  Boy, they think of everything, no?


ticc said...

Hi Dave!
Gosh, cell phone class???? Never heard of such a thing till now. Some of the things people come up with these days. :o\

Hope all is well. Have a wonderful day!!

Susan (ticc)

NeverTooOld said...

Hey Susan,
I know huh? Go figure! At least now that I'll be schooled, I won't end up a Crash Text Dummy, LOL!

autena said...

All I can say is..."Oh brother!" You'd think they would be busy chasing real criminals, wouldn't you?

ticc said...

That is so true! I wonder if they'll give you a certificate when you've completed the class?? :O)

NeverTooOld said...

Hi Autena,
NO WAY! Not REAL criminals, They've no money for fines and such, lol.

NeverTooOld said...

Hiya Susan,
You can rest assured that should I be awarded a "Cert", it'll be posted here! :o)

countrymoon said...


Yep!...Ya...didn't read that there "BRIGHT-YELLOW-BOOK-for-DUMMIES" 1ST. edition. Did ya now??? ;/ "Holy-there-Moly"...well
as they say>>> got ya buy the ole`ping`a bong?'s. Got to in person and give that "PLEeeeAD-FACE" and say your C-phone fell out of your pocket...and all you were doing at that time..."happen to have hand out to catch it". ;/
Deard ya go! Done deal! Good Luck!
Be Good ya hear!!!!