Thursday, June 17, 2010

Thank You

I just popped in to revise a couple things and realized I've now 50 followers, wow.  When I decided to do this blog I had no idea, nor did I imagine I would have made it to 50, that's 50 followers, teehee!!  It's like the kuellest thing for me right now!!

  I wanted to thank each and everyone of you individually, but I have not the info on everyone so I thought I'd just make it a warm and fuzzy "blanket" thank you for taking the time to read and or follow this blog.  I also want to give special thanks for all of whom have posted comments of which I've truly enjoyed.  It's like the kuellest thing!  

I just hope I can keep your attention by posting more goofy posts, Etsy shops, and things that matter to me, that of which are from the heart.



Anonymous said...

Hi, it's Fresh Urban Vintage from Etsy- just wanted to say thanks for the kind words- I do love browsing the vintage shops they all have different personalities- see you in Etsy!

NeverTooOld said...

Hi Vickybell, Thanks for the visit and hope you've a super weekend!! Yes, see ya in Etsy!!

Divina said...

hi dave!!! i just was doing some searching and i suddenly i´m here!!! congrats for all the followers!! you definitelly deserve it!! you rock men!!!
big kiss see ya around!!

Maril ( Divina Locura) ;)


NeverTooOld said...

Hi Maril, Wow, I thought I had already posted a reply to your comment? Funny!! Hope you are doing well and nice to see you visit. See you in Etsy chat soon and take care!!