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Glass works have always intriqued me and I've loved to watch glass blowers/makers at work.  I'm especially facinated with artisan's and crafters who work with and create smaller and more intriqicate glass works.  If you like and enjoy glass blowing, glassworks, and/or jewelry, I believe you'll fall in love with the works created by this Arizona Artisan.... 

I asked this lover of all things handmade and handcrafted if she would entertain the thot of working with me on a featured interview and her response was....

"Oh wow, I would absolutely love to do this!"

I knew immediately that I would very much enjoy this interview and I hope you do too.


Who is the person behind Beadworx, tell us alittle about yourself....

I am Jodi Hesting of Gilbert, Arizona.

Meet Jodi

I have been living in Arizona most of my life. I love it here and enjoy all kinds of outdoorsy things like camping, hiking, star watching, bird watching, etc.  I will be turning the BIG 40 this year. I have two kids, ages 18 and 14, two dogs, ages 9 and 5, and one wonderful husband, who just hit the big 40 a few months before I will this year.  I have been an artist of some sort or another most of my life. Even in elementary school I was very artistic and creative. I was also one of those kids who had to arrange all the crayons in exact rainbow order. Just a little bit of an overly organized personality, hehe. Which later helped me to run my own business!  I love trying new things. I have done some drawing, writing, painting, silver-smithing, crocheting, wood-turning, pyrography, and of course glass working. Working on the torch and melting the glass truly took over the biggest place in my heart when it comes to creating!  I come from a family of pyromaniacs, haha, so being able to work on a torch has really fit in with my personality!  I am most happy when my hands and mind are allowed to create something every day and I have such a love for handmade creations!

Jodi creating in her shop

Who or how were you inspired to open an Etsy shop?

I had already been selling my artwork on my website and Ebay auctions for several years when a friend told me about Etsy. I felt it was the perfect place for me. I really enjoy having a place where other artists could meet, chat, share ideas, thoughts, and sell our handmade creations. I have met many friends there and hope to be there for long time!

Check out Jodi's Website

How long have you been working with glass works?

I made my very first bead in December of 2000, been melting glass ever since. Went at it full time and quit the day job in 2001,and still addicted as ever!

What do you find most challenging in working with glass?

Wanting to try every new tool or color of glass that comes out. haha! I so wish my budget allowed for that!

Any new and exciting products coming soon from Beadworx?

I have been playing around with the idea of hosting some glass classes out of my home. Possibly a few "creative" weekends throughout the year where people could fly in and have a bed and breakfast style experience and set up in our spare bedroom, eat meals with us, maybe do a bit of sight-seeing around Arizona, and of course learn some fun things with melting glass! I hope I can get the idea up and running!
I can see it now,  Triple B University.
Great Idea!



How bout a lil fun?....
One word that describes you?

"Nothing great in the world has ever been accomplished without passion"                           
Did you dream last night and if so, what?

Haha, Yes. I actually dream in color almost every night. Very detailed dreams. Last night I had some weird dream about buying some new skin care products and makeup that had really pretty sparkles in it. So does anyone know what that means? haha!

What was the last funny thing you heard?
I would have to say that the last Celebrity Apprentice on Sunday had me laughing pretty hard. When Meatloaf went off on Gary Busey because he thought Gary stole his art supplies. Gary is one crazy cat and his self made acronyms are hilarious!

If you could eat lunch with someone famous who would that be?
Tough one, maybe Oprah so I could talk her into doing a show on Etsy artists, and the wonderful ideas and blessings of the handmade world!

Have you ever ridden a motorcycle?

When I was 16 I tried to ride a huge Honda Goldwing in a parking lot.  I layed it out and scraped it up on the asphalt. Haven't ridden a motorcycle since.  But in my 30's I rode around on a little moped scooter, does that count?
Nope'ed, hehe

Which would you rather do, go bungee jumping, base diving, or sky diving?
None of the above! I don't like the feeling of falling. I would probably have to choose the skydiving if I had to choose one. My instructor would have to push me out of the plane for sure. I could not consciencely jump out of or off of anything too high, my brain just wouldn't let me!

Nothing could convince me to jump out of a perfectly good flying airplane either Jodi! 
What a great gal and a super handcrafting artisan.  We hope you've enjoyed the read and invite you to visit Jodi's website and Etsy shop to browse and see more of her wonderful glass works.  Just click on either of the links below.
A special THANKS to Jodi for taking
 the time to allow this interview.

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wonderful interview dave.. i loved the beads you have shown us from this angle..

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Hi Tweetey!!

Thanks soo much and Jodi will love reading your comment. Thanks for the visit and see ya round the etsy or blog neighborhood!!

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It is always warm in the winter in a glass workshop!

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This is so true. I hope you and yours are well and thank you soo much for the visit and kind comment. All The Best!