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This weeks featured Etsy seller is a friend of which I'd like to share some of her wonderful and creative jewelry works as well as a little about her.  From the very first time I'd visited her shop I'd comment to her on how her works to me were that of simplicity, yet elegance in the same.  I know there's nothing simple about creating jewerly works of this calibur but when viewed, they appear as just that, simply elegant.

I hope you enjoy....

I'd like to begin by introducing you to the artist....


Angela is not only a wonderfully talented jewelry crafter and artisan, she has her BA in Art History and Fine Arts and is an aspiring photographer.  Her talents from her education and as a photographer are reflected in the wonderful images captured of her works that are displayed in her shop.

Angela, share with us alittle about yourself, who is the person behind AMIjewelrydesign?

**** awww man i hate these kinds of questions lol. Well...lets see......By day, I'm an admin assistant at a dental school which is a fine job, a bit mundane, but it pays the bills so I cant complain. I do the normal suburban commute on buses and trains and read my Nook (mostly filled with historical fictions which take place during ancient egypt and the renaissance eras). At least public transportation, as much as i loathe it, gives me a chance to see all the different kinds of jewelry people wear. I fear sometimes people think i'm "checking them out" which I kinda am...but...oh well, i guess i'll cross that bridge when and IF I get to it :) I live with my boyfriend who is a soldier and my mother. Its an interesting living situation so jewelry making sure helps alleviate some stress at times!!! I officially registered my business late last year and am hoping that I can get it off the ground, really, this year. I plan on signing up for my first craft fair and trying new ways to advertise. I'm obsessed with welsh corgi's and when i'm too tired to make jewelry or deal with life, you can usually find me on the couch watching the Golden Girls or NCIS marathons.

What inspired you to become a jewelry designer and how long have you been designing?
***** I started my jewelry making at the suggestion of a friend. She dabbled here and there in jewelry and knew i was artisitc and suggested I give it a try....especially since I was home for a few months due to medical problems. i took a beading 101 class at a local shop and was hooked, even though I knew beading wouldnt keep me happy for long. I knew Id want to further my education so I took a number of classes in silver fusing, Precious Metal Clay (PMC), ring making, texturing and a bunch more i cant remember lol.


What do you find most challenging in overall process of jewelry making/creating?

AMI Jewelry Design Studio

******* finding the time to sit down and do it!! I always have so many ideas but not enough time. I guess thats probably the same ole story with alot of crafters :)


Do you have a fave jewelry period ie, Renaissance, Art Nouveau, Art Deco, other?

****** I don't think I have a favorite time period, I appreciate different aspects of each period. Right now i'm very into the Art deco era jewelry, as in if I'm picking something out for me to wear, personally, thats what I'd end up choosing; Yet, the jewelry i make all seems to have a modern/contemporary edge to it -- go figure!!

I guess I'm most interested in Egyptian/ancient jewelry

as some of it is so intricate, yet the tools they had to work with were so basic. It amazes me what they could achieve with such simple tools.

This pair of wonderful earrings definately have that Egyptian style!
Are there any other creative talents you possess outside of jewelry design?

**** I've drawn since i was a little girl
and was always artistic; and loved everything from oil painting to pastels. I have a degree in art history and fine art....

However, I was an Interior Design major for 2 years, so I've always been into design. When i owned a home I was an avid home improvement DIY'er!!! I demo'ed and installed my own kitchen cabinets and counters and did all the trim/finish work, including laying hardwood flooring.

I also enjoy landscaping and gardening.

Are there any other venues in which you sell your works that you'd like to share with us?

**** As of right now, I only sell via Etsy and word of mouth. However I was contacted recently about consignment at a local artisan store. Still working out all the details..... fingers crossed :)

We will!!
Time for a lil fun....

Use one word that best describes you?

Responsible (ugh lol).

If a movie was made about you, what would the title be and which actress would portray you?
 "My Life, The Circus"
Tina Fey


Who is your favorite Peanuts character?

I dont know who the Peanuts characters are? As in Snoopy?? Honestly, ive never seen the show lol.

NeverTooOld's to-do list, 1.) Mail Angela a DVD copy of "A Charlie Brown Christmas", teeehee.


For R&D purposes, would you take a shot with a rubber bullet or be tasered?
HELLL NO!! - I have enough problems hahahah!

Which family would you live with, The Adams Family or The Munsters? why?
The Munsters, Lily and Herman seemed like they'd be cooler to live with, considering lol.
I agree cuz the Adams family were kinda "dead"! hehe

If you were a superhero, what would your name be?
Where do you get these questions??? Ugh ...ummm..... I have NO clue?
Well, you know I wasn't gonna let you off the hook here, so I came up with one myself....



Thanks so much for stopping by.  We hope you enjoyed meeting Angela and got to know a lil about this fine artisan.  We invite you to stop by her shop to browse the wonderful selection of her quality works.  You can also visit and  "Like" her on:

A special THANKS to Angela
 for allowing and taking
 the time for this interview.

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When I came across this next artisan's shop I fell in love with her creative works.  Being a collector of vintage purses and seeing what some of her creative works consisted of,  I just knew an interview with this Etsy shop owner would be SEW PERFECT for my blog.

I'd like you to strap on a helmet, adjust your seat, set your bobbin as you're about to take a ride with....



 Tell us a little about the person behind the scenes at TINAAGLE.

Well, my shop name is "Pedal to the Floor" I created my username when I first started shopping on etsy and then I later decided to open a shop to sell my own crafts (hence the difference in username versus shop name).   My name is Tina and I love to





and do just about any craft out there.     

I like to make things that are off the wall and not something you would find anywhere else. In my non-crafting time I work in a law office. I almost like to think of it as my alter-ego, a cover for the real me who stays up late sewing and creating.  

Come to think of it, I should probably make myself a cape.

I have several sewing machines, one of which is a Singer Red Eye which is a treadle machine. I love to use it for quilting projects and I think it adds a bit more interest to the piece I'm working on. I hate patterns, they never give me exactly what I want. I design all of my own creations. I don't like the idea of simply sewing something that thousands of others have. That's pretty much me in a nutshell :)


Why did you choose Etsy as a venue in which to sell your creations?

I love the Etsy community, I think its a great place to
meet other crafters. Many times the people I chat
with inspire me to make things that I wouldn't have
thought of without the inspiration they provided.
I also think Etsy is just were many people go to buy
handmade thus,                              I'm reaching my target market.


How did you come to be a crafter/artisan?

I've been making things as long as I can remember. I always loved to sew and stitch. I began sewing with a machine in college because making clothes was cheaper than buying them and I just kept on sewing after that. Prior to college I hand stitched everything. I also loved beading and cross-stitching growing up.


Of products you create what is your fave and why?   

I recently sold a utility belt and that has been my
favorite so far. I love making things that are out
of the ordinary. I recently made my brother in law
a unicorn hat that I was pretty fond of. And, of
course, if you look in my store you can automatically
tell I just love purses,all purses!

Tina! That utility belt woulda matched great with that cape!! 
Will you be introducing any new products in the coming year?

Most likely. All of my items are one of a kind so you never know whats coming or what inspiration will hit me. I have a few bags, wallets, and other items that I need to photograph and list so look for those. I recently finished a felt, hot pink, utility belt that I cannot wait to list.


Are there any other venues in which you sell that you'd like to share with our readers?

Nope, I'm pretty much Etsy exclusive. 
I will do special orders or requests if I feel I can do a good job.


Just for fun....

One word that best describes you?



Seen anything weird or strange lately?

Always. I spend a lot of time on the internet.


If you could meet anyone famous living or deceased,
who would it be?

Probably Ben Franklin, the Revolutionary War period
in history really intrigues me.


If you could without worry or debt, what store would you max a credit card in and what would be your first item?

HOBBY LOBBY!!! I love that place, I think I could spend weeks in there.


If told you had to, would you fight a bull, ride a bull, or run with the bulls as they do in Spain and why?

I think I would run with them, I am a runner after all, might as well go for it. I just think I would have at least a fighting chance if I ran. I'm quite sure a bull would whip me good if I fought it or if I tried to ride it.


We hope you enjoyed the read and got to know a lil about another fabulous Etsy artisan.  Tina and I thanks you for stopping by and invite you to stop by her shop for a browse.

Click the link below to visit Tina's shop

Tina, for being a great sport
 and taking the time
to work with me
on this interview.

A Shout Out!

Hi all, 

Hope everyones enjoyin' a fantastic Friday!!  Just wanted to give a quick SHOUT OUT to my pal Jen over at....


for featuring me in her blog....


If you visit don't forget to hava look at her marvelous photography.  She has some seriously awesome works!!

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Glass works have always intriqued me and I've loved to watch glass blowers/makers at work.  I'm especially facinated with artisan's and crafters who work with and create smaller and more intriqicate glass works.  If you like and enjoy glass blowing, glassworks, and/or jewelry, I believe you'll fall in love with the works created by this Arizona Artisan.... 

I asked this lover of all things handmade and handcrafted if she would entertain the thot of working with me on a featured interview and her response was....

"Oh wow, I would absolutely love to do this!"

I knew immediately that I would very much enjoy this interview and I hope you do too.


Who is the person behind Beadworx, tell us alittle about yourself....

I am Jodi Hesting of Gilbert, Arizona.

Meet Jodi

I have been living in Arizona most of my life. I love it here and enjoy all kinds of outdoorsy things like camping, hiking, star watching, bird watching, etc.  I will be turning the BIG 40 this year. I have two kids, ages 18 and 14, two dogs, ages 9 and 5, and one wonderful husband, who just hit the big 40 a few months before I will this year.  I have been an artist of some sort or another most of my life. Even in elementary school I was very artistic and creative. I was also one of those kids who had to arrange all the crayons in exact rainbow order. Just a little bit of an overly organized personality, hehe. Which later helped me to run my own business!  I love trying new things. I have done some drawing, writing, painting, silver-smithing, crocheting, wood-turning, pyrography, and of course glass working. Working on the torch and melting the glass truly took over the biggest place in my heart when it comes to creating!  I come from a family of pyromaniacs, haha, so being able to work on a torch has really fit in with my personality!  I am most happy when my hands and mind are allowed to create something every day and I have such a love for handmade creations!

Jodi creating in her shop

Who or how were you inspired to open an Etsy shop?

I had already been selling my artwork on my website and Ebay auctions for several years when a friend told me about Etsy. I felt it was the perfect place for me. I really enjoy having a place where other artists could meet, chat, share ideas, thoughts, and sell our handmade creations. I have met many friends there and hope to be there for long time!

Check out Jodi's Website

How long have you been working with glass works?

I made my very first bead in December of 2000, been melting glass ever since. Went at it full time and quit the day job in 2001,and still addicted as ever!

What do you find most challenging in working with glass?

Wanting to try every new tool or color of glass that comes out. haha! I so wish my budget allowed for that!

Any new and exciting products coming soon from Beadworx?

I have been playing around with the idea of hosting some glass classes out of my home. Possibly a few "creative" weekends throughout the year where people could fly in and have a bed and breakfast style experience and set up in our spare bedroom, eat meals with us, maybe do a bit of sight-seeing around Arizona, and of course learn some fun things with melting glass! I hope I can get the idea up and running!
I can see it now,  Triple B University.
Great Idea!



How bout a lil fun?....
One word that describes you?

"Nothing great in the world has ever been accomplished without passion"                           
Did you dream last night and if so, what?

Haha, Yes. I actually dream in color almost every night. Very detailed dreams. Last night I had some weird dream about buying some new skin care products and makeup that had really pretty sparkles in it. So does anyone know what that means? haha!

What was the last funny thing you heard?
I would have to say that the last Celebrity Apprentice on Sunday had me laughing pretty hard. When Meatloaf went off on Gary Busey because he thought Gary stole his art supplies. Gary is one crazy cat and his self made acronyms are hilarious!

If you could eat lunch with someone famous who would that be?
Tough one, maybe Oprah so I could talk her into doing a show on Etsy artists, and the wonderful ideas and blessings of the handmade world!

Have you ever ridden a motorcycle?

When I was 16 I tried to ride a huge Honda Goldwing in a parking lot.  I layed it out and scraped it up on the asphalt. Haven't ridden a motorcycle since.  But in my 30's I rode around on a little moped scooter, does that count?
Nope'ed, hehe

Which would you rather do, go bungee jumping, base diving, or sky diving?
None of the above! I don't like the feeling of falling. I would probably have to choose the skydiving if I had to choose one. My instructor would have to push me out of the plane for sure. I could not consciencely jump out of or off of anything too high, my brain just wouldn't let me!

Nothing could convince me to jump out of a perfectly good flying airplane either Jodi! 
What a great gal and a super handcrafting artisan.  We hope you've enjoyed the read and invite you to visit Jodi's website and Etsy shop to browse and see more of her wonderful glass works.  Just click on either of the links below.
A special THANKS to Jodi for taking
 the time to allow this interview.