Sunday, May 13, 2012


05.13.12 midday

Today, Mother's Day brought Amy and Allan to mile 100.


05.05.12 p.m.

The afternoon sun hanging high above casts long shadows.  

Funny sign encountered along the trail.

Having made it up the mountain the evening prior, our hikers arrived in El Rancerito/Laguna Mountain where camp was set and planned a 3 day stay while they awaited the arrival of their first package stop.

05.06.12 a.m.

Today proved to be a complete day of rest with no pictures (I think they slept all day into the next, hehe).

05.07.12 a.m.

Resting under the Ponderosa Pines

05.08.12 a.m.

Allan taking notes while taking in the mornings sun.

Enjoying the mornings meal with newfound trail friend Mark.

05.08.12 p.m.

An afternoon hike into the little town of Laguna Mountain to pick up their package at Laguna Mt. Sports and Supply...

and a little something to keep Amy warm on those cold spring nights.

Scouting around the camp area they find some interesting and large Grub

plus some penny pine cones (no room for that souvenir in the pack!)

 Our hikers settled in for the night as an early rise is important in beating the heat of the day that awaits them.

05.09.12 a.m.

Leaving the shade and cool of the alpine forest the backdrop reflects the altitude.

05.09.12 early evening

A 10 mile hike behind and hunt for tonights camp.
70 miles of the Anza Borrego desert still ahead.

05.10.12 a.m.

Back on the trails descent into the desert

In Loving Memory, memorial left overlooking the Anza Borrego Desert 6,000 ft below.

05.10.12 Late Morning

Desert brush lines the trail.

05.10.12 Mid Afternoon

A welcoming sight.

After a 7 mile stretch, water is filtered and replenished.

Having ate and rested, our hikers have 4 more miles to meet up with trail friends and camp for the night.

05.11.12 a.m.

Only 3 pics for the day as the scorching heat lended only to keep on the trail and make the 15.5 mile trek to the next checkpoint as quickly as possible.

So relieved to arrive here at the Stagecoach Resort

To grab some food and drink, have a good swim in the pool,

Then off to our cozy cots for the night.

05.12.12 a.m.

Allan and Mark chowing an early morning snack prepping for the days hike (it looks hot already at 6:30am).

13 miles to next water drop.  Hiking up Big Mt.

9 miles down 5 to go
Not much shade here

3:07pm hotter than...
thirsty as... well, you know.

After 14 mile of pure desert hell, a wonderful sign.

A trail angel water drop site.
Without these trail angels, the next water stop
would have been 24 miles.

Our hikers Christmas tree.

Another trail friend.

Week 2 and...

100 Miles behind them!
We are sooo Happy for You!!


Nuckin Futs Knitter said...

Wow, it all looks so amazing, and oh my gosh, I've never seen a pine cone that big! It looks like a wonderful and beautiful journey!

NeverTooOld said...

Hey NFK, It has been an amazing one indeed. We get daily updates and at times the wind is blowing so hard through the desert we can barely hear them. I've never seen a pine cone that big either! Thanks for visiting and hope you've a great week!

autena said...

They look so cheerful! It's amazing!

NeverTooOld said...

Hi Autena,
Thanks for stopping by and for your pleasant comments. Yes, once they reach rest areas, they settle and look great. They've hiked about 116 miles thus far and most of it deserty terrain. They're doing great tho. Hope your week is going well and thank you again!

Anonymous said...

Hey Guys I am so jealous and proud that you are doing the hike. Enjoy the moment and the view. xoxo for now, but see you soon. said...

Congrats to them. I love hiking but have to admit I dont think I could do this one. I love the pix of them though. Hope they are enjoying themselves.

T@PoppyPlacePdx said...

What an amazing trip :)

I'm exhausted just looking at the photos, LOL!!! :)

Thanks for stopping by, nice to meet you.

Have a lovely weekend, cheers, T. :)

NeverTooOld said...

Hi Nicole, yes, not for the faint at heart for sure, I'm with you as you can tell I hide behind the comforts of my computer to write about it all! LOL.

NeverTooOld said...

Hi T, imagine how exhausting it is to keep up with these two and write about the trip?? lol. I'm already tired and I've only gone 100 (give 'er take a mile or two) miles! hehe :o)