Tuesday, May 8, 2012

No Quest Be That Of Dread

The journey up ahead 
may prove to be a test
lay steady on path lead
for this is your dreamt quest

The miles that you trek
of which are shared together
each and every step
will make you all the better

Every footprint that is left
may be windswept over time
but this journey you have chosen
be forever etched in the mind

The bond that you will share
shall grow on even more
because you both have dared
this adventure be forswore

The days be them of long 
your nights prove short and still
do keep each other strong
for this you must instill

It soon shall be a memory
gone faster than was tread
having pushed upon your boundaries
with last this to be said
for you will have proven yourselves that...

No quest be that of dread


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