Sunday, May 20, 2012

San Jacinto Conquered

The mid morning of 5.13.12 not only brought Amy and Allan their 100th mile mark, but a well deserved break from the trail.  Now they will hike what's left of the Anza Borrego Desert and began their ascent of the San Jacinto Mountains to an elevation of more than 7,000 ft.

5.13.12. am

A shot of Allan as he rests in the shade to check his phone for messages.  One tough hombre!

Onward to the next destination.

The sun hangs low in the evenings sky

as the horizon forms silhouetted foothills ahead.

5.13.12. pm

Their excitement is not to be contained as they've arrive at Eagle Rock.

5.14.12. am

Having set up camp within the protection of Eagle Rock, Amy had no worries of intruders like those of Jack Rabbits, Prairie Dogs, or Snakes!  
With no pictures but this one of Allan having his morning java, it tells me that Amy was eager to get on the trail for their next stop...

where they took in a hearty breakfast...

and relaxed with trail pal Austin.

After breakfast, Amy took in a foot bath in Epson salt to help her aching and blistered feet.

Finishing breakfast and a soak, the hikers mill about Warner Springs, CA...

and stop to "Smell the Roses".

After showering and while washing clothes, drenching herself from head to toe behind the post office.
(she texted "It felt sooooo good!")

All refreshed and having another high fat/protein meal to keep their energy for the trail ahead,

the trail crew must say goodbye to a pair of sweet volunteers and the great cooks who made their breakfast and lunch memorable...
Colletta and Nancy

Back on the trail to Riverside County line 20 miles ahead

5.14.12. pm

Insects came into play along the trail with Horseflies being the worst, so our hikes shielded them off their faces with these netted bucket hats.

129 miles behind them and having just hiked 15 miles camp is set on picturesque Comb's Peak.

5.15. and 5.16. 

A few shots along the trail as phone reception was very limited.

Sunrise on Combs Peak

Another trail friend greets us

Tule Springs, here they drank, hosed themselves down, washed clothes, and rested in the shade.

5.17.12. Midday

First contact in nearly two days, what a relief.  Here they hook up with Anza, CA local Todd Morse of Thistle OmniPresentation, a screen printer who offered them up a ride to the towns post office and the 6 mile ride back to the trail.
 Amy said "Todd was such a cool guy who make some very cool screen print T's, and was so generous in taking the time to help us out".

5.17.12. pm

Back on the trail and on the way to Paradise Valley, CA

Paradise Valley Cafe

for a cold drink and a little snack.
(I'm more impressed with the stash then the burger! Love it!)

Cindy at the Paradise Cafe
"She was the sweetest, nice.  Made us feel very welcomed and let us hang out in the AC'd cafe for hours."


Ascending the San Jacinto Mountains from the south Palm Springs is seen in the distance.

Natures jewels

Trail friend our hikers named "Jacinto"

A sweet surprise

Hiking up Spitler's Peak with an altitude of 7,440 ft. was some of the toughest hike with several cutbacks and such a steep climb, hiking took up a crawl.
Camp was set up for the night.

5.20.12. am

Morning sunrise on Spitler's Peak.

178 miles down, next destination...
Idyllwild, CA

See you next week and thanks for stopping by to visit!

6 comments: said...

Dave they are amazing. You should be very proud of them.. Hope they are ok and they make it with no worries. thanks for the updates and the beautiful photos she is sending you.

lorenabr said...

Very cool :) great images- looks like a great place!

NeverTooOld said...

Hi Nicole,
Thanks so much for your kind comments. Yes we are very proud of these two! It's like an adventure for us too. Although we can't be there with them, we are in spirit and by cell and video chat, lol Modern technology, wow. Hope you've a great week and thanks for stopping by!

NeverTooOld said...

Hi Lorena,
Thank you as well. I'm posting a limited amount of pic as it could go on for ever, but I'm hoping to add enough just to keep it interesting. They've so much more to see and experience, especially the 500 miles of trail through the Sierra Nevada mountain range, but first, the Mojave Desert! Thanks for stopping by and hope you've a super week!

autena said...

Their smiles and happiness make it look so easy (which I know it is NOT!)

NeverTooOld said...

Hi Autena,
Yes, climbing up to Spitler's Peak was their first true challenge of how intense the hike will get, but they made. They are now on their way down the San Jacinto mtn range and on their way to Big Bear. Thanks for stopping by and hope you're week is going great!