Monday, May 7, 2012

On Our Journey




Here are some photos from the first 45 miles of Amy and Allan's PCT adventure.  Although the beginning leg of the trail proved to be quite brutal, esp on Amy's feet, our hikers have managed to get through the first weeks trek.  Having transfered from one Greyhound bus to another, Greyhound failed to transfer their backpacks, so when they arrived in San Diego they were forced to delay the hop to Campo and the trail head by one night.  Thankfully, their packs arrived safely the following day.

05.01.12 p.m

Alas, the Mexican border and
the PCT head at the Southern Terminus 

They decided to spend the night in Campo California and begin their journey the following morning.

05.02.12 Midday

Over the first set of foothills and into the scorch

of the deserts heat.

Keeping cool through miles of sagebrush and cactus.

Meeting new friends along the trail.

05.02.12 p.m.

Reaching their first camp of the trail, all they can think of is a restful nights sleep.

05.03.12 a.m.

Prepping for the days heat and hike as the suns rays intensify.

Lake Morena in the distance

Descending into the valley of campers.

At last Morena, a welcomed site.

Enjoying a cool beverage with a newfound friend,

 taking in the simple comforts of a lawn chair in the shade, and...

tend to some sore

and blistered feet.

As darkness falls our hikers say good night for the evening

05.04.12 a.m.

After another restful nights sleep,
 our hikers are up and on the trail once again.
Lake Morena in the distance our hikers carry on

through desert marshes

and drying creek beds,

drinking water is a welcoming site so water reserves are filled in a cool stream.

Eager for rest and a nights sleep, our hikers take this shot peering through the top of their tent

05.05.12 a.m.

Dawn arrives and breakfast is being cooked

and served.

Back on the Pacific Crest Trail
and onward to Laguna Mountain.

Week 1 of the Pacific Crest Trail 2012


Katherine C said...

Oh my goodness, You are the adventurer. I am not much for hiking or outdoorsy things. But my husband certainly is. I think I'd take a pass on the spider though. Thank you for sharing your adventure! Hugs

NeverTooOld said...

Ha! Just missed you at twitter and now here, hehe. Oh, I am adventureous, but not as much as these two. These hikers are my daughter Amy and her fiance' Allan. Thanks so much for the follow here and on Artisanistas as it is truly appreciated. Now I'm off to try and catch you at one of your blogs! LOL! Have a great week!!

autena said...

Love the critter friend! Looks like they are having a great time!

NeverTooOld said...

Hi Autena,
Yeah, it looks as though he (the critter friend) stopped to pose for the pic, hehe. So far so good with the exception of the blisters, but they kinda expected that. Thanks for stopping by and hope you're off to a great week! said...

They are amazing. I cant believe what they are doing.. That is one hike. Love to be outdoors but not sure i could even do this one.

NeverTooOld said...

Hi Nicole, Hope you and yours are well and thanks so much for stopping by and leaving your comments as I truly enjoy.